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Ivan Plusnin

Great Video bro, hope you feel better soon.

Milan Sottnik

Can you do dual mode in split screen? Loading two accounts of the same app like on other Xiaomi phones?

George Azzopardi

where did you bought it from frankie ?

George Azzopardi

it's a shame to put a case on this one right ??

Karan Toor

Can u pls show us the FPS on smooth and extreme graphics settings? Thanks

BlackSwanPenguin Ketchup

mi 9 or black shark 2? which is better ?

Alien Leung

Is there any global rom for this phone?? If so, could you please share one?

Devulapally Siddartha

From which store I should buy this phone?

John Kerwin See

Is the main cam as good as mi9's main cam? Also, is the mic better than most xiaomi mics? Thanks

Sovereign Hope

Black shark2 vs vivo iq00 battery life comparison. I will buy the phone that last longer

Hardi Borong

Make compare battery life drain betwen this phone and the Iqoo please

Saij Kb

No 3.5 mm why they are doing this .bluetooth earphone not good for gaming delay sound in pubg

Robert Coldbird

Are the joypads for this thing sold separately? I've been looking back and forth but all the coverage on this phone is a little bit muddy. (No insult intended here.)

Hardly anyone covers the joypads, availability and where one can actually pick these things up outside of China.

Neil Page

Try playing some mobas like King of Glory or Arena of Valor

Roman Reigns

i was thinking that it has samsung 48 mp camera but you are telling it is Sony imx586 sensor

Norberto Corre

No headphone jck but can u use bluetooth headseat?

Koro Ghli

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming 😂😂

иαιм αмιя

Watching this on 1440p, guess my phone.

Frankie Tech

Apologies again as there was major flickering on my previous upload. First time that has happened, so I've informed @Youtube of the error. Looks like this one is doing better now, so all good!


Nice phone, no headphone jack isn't a problem for me but no NFC is a problem as I do game alot on my phone and also use Google Pay frequently.


I wish they'd implement Android One on this beast.

Trex Lim

Hi, since JoyUI is based on MIUI, can it clone any app (dual app) and can 2 games run concurrently in split screen mode like how it does in MIUI?


It will be soon in my hand and after seeing this video I can't wait to touch that


This phone is too expensive on my country. 😅

Damn Beats

1.HDR Game settings cap fps at 40...u should have tried HD with ULTRA fps...Do more research!
2.You selected the wrong server...!

billion gaming

bro check the FPS of smooth extreme setting just want to see at wht fps we can play in black shark 2

Amr Kamal

@Frankie Tech Does Black Shark 2 provide OTG , much appreciated if you let me know ?