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Jorge Andrada

For this price I can buy two redmi note 7😏

Kristian Belir

Hi may i know if PUBG mobile will run in smooth extreme setting? Or hows the fps if you run it full graphics? Please hoping for your reply cos i saw you have pubg game installed in it. Thanks

Droidz Hunterz

Did you verify that your A70 have Snapdragon or Exynos chipset?
Samsung is notorious for using Exynos in Europe. Look at the box, it says octacore processor which could mean either of them.

So scummy, I don't trust Samsung.

pinoy youtuber

Coming from Samsung Galaxy A8 2018, comparing the processing power and front camera performance is A70 better?

Christian Jay Bonito

the wide angle video capture is so trippy wtf

Fathan Aliyu

1 question. Is samsung A70 have PPS (Progamable Power Suply) while charging So it can control the heat...?

Isaac Gage

4500 mAh battery? Why would anyone buy a flagship ever again? That is enormous value (in addition to all of the other features provided) for a mere fraction of the cost.

kazi mahfuz

which version of gorilla glass used in Samsung Galaxy A70??

Harry Topper

The phone is as smooth as the armpit of female celebrity!

earn to die - tour

There is a10 a
20 a30 a50 and a70 I like a50

techline - Linus

Correction: the Galaxy A70 uses optical, not the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. As I mentioned and demonstrated in the video, it is not the fastest out there. In comparison, the Galaxy S10+'s scanner is approx 3 times faster. What are your thoughts about the A70?


Can you record 1080p 60fps videos on samsung a70?

Hardik Hardik

Sir ji A70 face Lock security is no more accurate when are you sleeping someone unlock your phone with show your face Samsung will be fix in future but this is no guarantee

Dove Piranha

do u recomment A70 over galaxy note 8? Same price


we can record 1080 p 60 fps and 4k in it right?


And does it support forntie and wich settings if you can?


Why u forgot to test the camera zoom features bro ?

F.B.I Open Up

Im using a 5t from oneplus right know? Do you thinks its a worthy unexpensive update?

Peter Vd Nulft

Why there is never any comment over the digital zoom. What I wsntvto knowcis how many times digital zoom there is ?

Researcher Khanzada

This phone is best i have used note 9 iphone 8 recently but i found a70 more more lovely set and worth buying enjoy a70 guys