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maylyn wow it's so beautyfull telan

oppo a3s nalng ako ahhh

Crispina Dinopol

Vivo y91 is snapdragon 439 not mediatek

ณฐพล โสลา อนิเมะ ดอย
ณฐพล โสลา อนิเมะ ดอย

Vivo y91

Christian Celo

Oppo A3s is better than Vivo... Because oppo have Game Booster

Jonathan Tony

that's not vivo y91... its vivo y91i lol

BlueShock Gamer

I see that you press at vivo early on smash hit but oppo reload faster

BlueShock Gamer

For camera and video vivo, but for performance I give it to oppo a3s

andrew white

Vivo Y91 is the best and i correct the ram of vivo Y91 is 3 gb ram

laserlover katepleb

Vivo's partner is stephen curry WHO LOVES STEPHEN CURRY FROM BASKETBALL