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what should I name myself?

I have honor 7x i wish i had this phone instead of the phone that i have

Teresa Hernandez

I AM never playing pg3d i got 54 Andrés i got 10cions f my life

TSM_ Noshflash

He bro can you help me fix my iPad Air 2 I keep getting 1fps-10 FPS and I do not have that much storage so this should not happen can you help please

TSM_ Noshflash

And I keep freezing it is not my ping and nothing renders in meaning I float through every thing

TSM_ Noshflash

I have some clips on my channel of this an it is very annoying

TSM_ Noshflash

If you want to see my lag clips my channel is XD_ Noshflash

ZX Zerix

Actually the pocophone F1 is like a beast in gaming with liquid cooling system for 299!

Lucifer Morningstar

While I find this nice and a good idea for people who can't afford a good all around phone but I'm happy with my s9+ and I do plan to upgrade to the s10+ the big one because fuck apple and while it's expensive it's worth it

J Gore

Damn homie, you just called all your subs poor.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I run 60 fps on my Alcatel on HDR

Audrey New Zealand

My brother has an iPad and it’s just as good


Hey, exxotic how are you doing? Im good and another question how many friendd do you have in pixel gun? And does Samuel still play pixel gun? Have a good day. Thanks for the great edvice.

Christian Andrei A, Cudal

ExxoticGaming: Everything that you could possibly want in the asus rog phone but for 399 dollars
Pewdiepie: 399!!!!

Michelle Schiedel

i have asus rog phone. i can see that this is better


Man, I just got a Black Shark 2. Oh well, adding to cart anyway!


I play on Galaxy S8 3,000Battery great phone 60FPS, Only down side is it is my daily phone and I have to keep charging it then when I'm done gaming I have to wait for it to charge