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Jao Map

i give "dislike" since you did not mention the price which is pretty important above all

Doc Q

hey guys , will you do a nokia 8.1 review ? i think it is a good alternative to the pixel 3a/3a xl , and will be a great video in that context .

Amos Itay Benjamin

Is the 48mp camera isn't available with third-party camera app? and is it capable of MHL?

F Harrison
I'm writing the comment from my black shark 2, the 8gb version. here are my honest review, 3 month in use.Pro: long battery life especially if u turn on saving modesound can be very loud if u want it to never get too hot unless you are using super charging. Con:1. no water resist, it rain gets on it, it will warn you the humanity is too much on screen.2. touch screen is not accurate, which result in mistyping a lot, which is annoying a lot. 3. all photos you take will automatically have watermark " Black Shark AI" on… Read more »
Sean Clayton

Good review, however there was one thing that no reviewer ever shows: connecting the BS2 up to a TV and playing with a bt controller. Is there any review that anyone knows if that does show the TV-out stuff?


I’m selling my 8 plus to buy this 😂 iphone so boring since 3GS

Varoom Zazoom

How much will this thing throttle compared to the Red Magic 3?

Muqri Musa

I couldve gone for this instead of the pixel 3 smh

Ali S

Make sure your phone at 3:55 is at high volume the sound quality is low...

Mohammad Abu Sarwar

Please make a review on Lenovo 6z pro. Please please please.

Crow Migration

I guess this is targeted at hardcore gamers who never go outside. If I were to buy one, I'd still buy Asus ROG over this. But that similarly has an awful camera and no water proofing. What it does have is a jack, true stereo speakers, and an attractive design.


The lack of at least 90hz screen is a deal breaker for a gaming phone. Would rather get OP7 Pro, or wait for the next Razer or Rog phones

Tim R.

This phone looks cool and stuff but calling it a "gaming phone" is a joke.
— no 3.5mm jack
— Limited to 60Hz
— Stereo sound isn't front facing but only like on every other phone

Sherwin Paul Hambre

Please focus less on camera review when it's a "gaming" phone.

Shae Winchester

This is pissing me the fuck off. all these cool phones, yet they keep taking features away. no headphone jack, no expandable memory. if i wanted a fucking iphone, id buy one. jesus fucking christ man...

Jaroslav Hernak

K20 is better than black shark 2 for gaming?

Putra Naufal

too bad black shark 2 does not have headphone jack 🙁

Everyday Tasks Tutorial

I just come here to listen to his voice

Tresna Aji

xiaomi : "introducing our gaming phone black shark 2!"

also xiaomi : "it doesn't have 3.5mm headphone jack"

Vinko Stojanovic

Why did they put a 48 mp camera when you cannot shoot with that resolution?

Neel Thakkar

Can I reduce the brightness to very low levels for night?


Black shark 2 is support HDMI 😍 and red magic doesn't support HDMI 😂