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Eduardo Camacho

Where can I buy this phone in America 😭 how long must I wait before being able to get my next daily driver?


the ultrawide shoots 4k video? I have heard of some recent ultrawides that dont shoot video, although my OLD lg g6 does

Giutor 73

Still missing the wireless charging. Idiot manufacturers! Is it so difficult to supply phones with this amazing tecnology? What the hell!

Ezura San

I love ur simple jokes man, they make me laugh my ass out

Jack Durrant

I like the look of this device. I've had my eyes on the Mi Mix 3 5G for months, but I'm not switching to Vodafone on a two year contract. I think the ZenFone 6 is a better fit for my requirements anyway. I just hope they think about adding a play/pause option to the smart key actions.

Pom Peii

seriously? a spider fart in a hurricane? hahaha

Amber Crombie

The gravitational sensor is so dope!

Zenfone 6 🔥🔥


Which Will you recommend this or Oneplus 7 pro?

Amit Ambekar

What is the price in India ? Where to buy ? Online or Offline. ?


You put your phone in your pants?? 🤢🤢🤢

Kartik Nailwal

Who's waiting for Mkbhd's review of this phone?

Shayira Karim

Please someone tell Asus that it's not their laptop it's a smartphone they can use AMOLED screen 🙁

Enrico Sacchetti

this phone would be perfect with an AMOLED screen

gushy 66

Nice short and sweet review thanks for being good to viewers instead of being a annoying tuber

Similak Child

The only things good about that phone is the Camera and Battery life.

theC-LOS factor

BEASTLY WEE BUGGER that's a band name right thurr

Dalton Von Bismarck III

Nice but it still doesn't tick certain boxes that my ZTE Axon 7 does. Especially audio capability. I'm holding off til I find out more about the upcoming Axon S.

T Nicolas

can game genie block incoming call from FB messenger?


I have the Zenphone 3 / 5.5 inch scree — bought it 3 years ago. A 5.5 inch screen is the perfect size for guys. Generous screen size but still small enough to take with you. Why the heck are phones so gigantic now-a-days. I was excited about the Zenphone 6 until I found out how big it is. I'm going to get the Zenphone 4 instead.

Tabew Felix

Asus Zenfone max pro m1. Sucks a lot i am using 6gb ram 64 gb internal after updating Android pie it got lot more worse.