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tech gadget guy 123

These dayz samsungs and iphones are like almost the same when it comes to cameras lol

Muhammad Rafli

Camera depan Note 9 oke...
Camera belakang Iphone Xs Max oke...


i can see this page is full of apple chumps,
the iphone had better dynamic range during the day and thats about it, the note 9 has better stablization, a MUCH clearer picture, better at night and with more dynamic range at night. you guys cling on to your daytime dynamic range, repeat it enough times so it sounds better than it is, the pictures were muddy as f@@k, get back in your apple store to be fleeced some more 😉

Joel Salazar

iPhone XS Max’s camera is Better than the note 9 🤣🤣🤣


Hate that front facing camera with the filtered look on the Xs. Couldn't they have made it an option to disable that? It looks too unnatural.

Jade Padilla

6:40 excuse me??? Why you give it a draw and acting like iPhone is good which clearly obvious that Galaxy Note 9 is way better in that shot!!

Bill Morrigan

Good review. Looks like the iPhone is better in terms of dynamic range in daytime shots/video but the Note completely trumps the iPhone when it comes to night shots. I would not call it a draw 🙂 It's oranges and apples 🙂 The both phones provide outstanding quality for a mere phone. They will be replacing dedicated camcorders and DSLRs more and more , although the letter will always be much better.


Hope you enjoyed the video #SuperSafStyle 😎 Which is your overall pick?

Jeremy Cooper

Ummm no... Samsung is showing actually color, why would you want a phone to add more color to something that's not even really there. That's fake. Your skin color is exactly what it is

Madara Uchiha

If you notice without favoring any brand then Note 9’s camera is better


Do camera comparison nokia 9 , s10, iPhone max, mate 20 pro and pixel 3xl


I prefer Samsung's camera. It picks up the details in pictures. It also does better in low light in my opinion.

Basilis Nikolaou

I believe note 9 overall is better cause of the brighter images in low light and the very good in the day in general video also great no compromise from sammy plus the s pen does a lot of stuff

Sk Shahbaaz

#sir plz make a video on camera comparison between redmi note 7 pro iphone xs max

Telecaster JCW

iPhone makes everything look kinda yellow
Sound sounds a bit blocked on iPhone too