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Phill Phillips

i like how you did not mention blackberry. But yet in day one they have already shown new suits for mobile security across multiple mobile devices. 


Sony won't show Xperia Z4 at MWC, they ditched 2 flagships a year policy.

Sami Rehman

wait what the hell this is a different guy from the other dude?! you guys have a very similar voice

Oliver Minshall

I'm a big sony fan keeping my fingers crossed for QHD on at least the z4 ultra

Mayank Gupta

Finally the only and major...disappointment of m9 will get removed and then u can find no reason not to buy it


I think I saw somewhere that Sony changed it's policy: instead of 2 flagships per year, they will release 1 flagship a year. This might just be a rumor though. xD


I'm going to buy Z2, but do I wait on revile of Z4 so that the prices drop?