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anyone knows the name of the song played in the background? i really dig it

John B.

who have their phone face down anyway to see the cloud logo.they should have made out in notification tray

Θανάσης Κυπαρίσσης

Nothing cloudish will work here in Greece because the most houses have 3.5mbps down 0.6mbps up.

Viswam Aakash

Can we set a particular time for the phone to upload the data?


I have to say good sir, your hands look extremely feminine at minute 6.00 or so.

Horrible pun, I know, I'll see myself to the door immediately. Still, great review!

Beastly G

This phone would be great... in a world where SD cards didn't exist. Since they do... this phone is completely pointless (aside from being a somewhat decent ordinary mid range phone aside from the crap battery size/life).

Chirag Atrey



Its very cute but i'm still in love with huawei p9/plus... Which should i buy? P9plus or this cutesy phone?

Gary Sengillo II

what phone are you using daily right now?

Travis Moore

thanks for the great walk-through and review. I know this is an old video, but it's the most current review of this phone, and I was planning it as a secondary phone. thanks for the great review. I appreciate the time, energy, and work put into this.

Luis Contreras

just got this phone for 140 dollars this is such a steal you should buy this phone 140 seriously