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Cai Copley

The s10e has been out for a while now and sales galore going on for it. Go the that forore features.

swearatmegordon N

"you wont kill it unless youre playing pubg all day" why are you reading me lisa! lol

Andrew Baksota

Review is ok. But we wants to see... how you can bake an apple pie!

Jared M

I wonder how long until the US government bans this Chinese manufacturer as well

Brian Servin

I love my 7 pro. It is a slippery boy so make sure you have a case for it when you're out and about. Night photos are hit or miss for me so far I have to take a couple of pics of the same thing to find the best one. Other than that the speed is godly fast

moh amad
sadly they still miss on the camera, perhaps they can fix it in the next pro version which will add 150-200$ extra too.I'm still confused if they use optical 3X zoom for the video in tele or they do it digitally as others claimed. I know this sounds silly but it seems to be the intention of the company for brute force itself as a flagship brand now. here where I live the OP7pro 8/256 gb costs more than either P30 pro of same storage or the S10 plus modles. the 30$ difference between the basic 6/128 and the 8/256… Read more »
Joel Casas

Hello and Lisa Do you recommend this phone ?

Mike Mullen

Great review it's nice to see a geekier point of view on things

Sushant Mishra

Hello Lisa, Greeting from India, have been following your videos since eternity now. Liked it before even watching it. Keep up the good work, cheers 👍🏼


That's the most gorgeous phone I've ever seen! Thanks for another very informative review.

Kevin Davis

Thanks for the great review as always, will be passing on this one.

Weekend Warrior

You forgot to add quotation marks to the "3x" telephoto...


The Optical Zoom is has been shown to only be 2x.


This phone is awesome but the camera not that good. I also prefer flat display

Jaemarlee Goin

I've been watching you since before you used to show your face!!! I love you!!!

Mirwais Nazari

Cat18 modem? Ha! S10 plus has the cat20 and wifi 6 support!

B Posey

I returned my One+7 Pro to T-Mobile yesterday because the camera on my unit was actually terrible. All the pics I took of family and friends over memorial day weekend were so bad I couldn't even post any to social media. I got my S10+ back and now I have a real camera again. Everything else about the one+ 7 pro was really good though.

Ole Olsen

I'll wait and see if Oneplus release a 7T pro, or whatever they'd call it. Maybe they will have fixed the big issues with the camera, added a larger battery, made the screen brighter etc...
It seems like they release a T version after 5-6 months. Do you think they will release a new model later this year?


Hello, I didn't know where to ask this questions so ill put it here. Will your team be reviewing any of the current 2019 Samsung laptops (Pro/Pen/Odyssey)?


So you are saying if a phone has IP rating you would throw it into water?
The fact that it has a rating doesn't mean they will replace a water damage

ben's gadget reviews

i love all your shirts (and videos)!!! thank you

Hideout Hills

Having used the device for about two weeks I think the camera is not as bad as projected on some of the channels but I do believe that software needs some tweeking especially the fact that shooting videos in wide angle isn't possible at the moment. Also the in display fingerprint scanner is a hit or a miss for as it fails to recognize the fingerprint many a times.

Note9Is Boss

The perfect backup at best to my industry leading #Note9.


Great looking phone
but having seen it this weekend in person compared with the S10+, the OnePlus 7 Pro is much thicker, much heavier, and has the camera thing sticking out. While I hate the double punch out on the S10+, I can deal with it on the S10 and decided on that instead.


I like your shirt 👚... How can I get it? @MobileTechReview

pat cola
I don't find this phone compelling. The only thing I think it has going for it is the speed. Other than that I don't care for the curved screen or glass backs. I like my Pixel 3a much better . For $399 you get an oled screen , fast charging, the best haptic feedback on an Android phone and arguably the best camera like it's flagship brother's. Guaranteed updates and the first in line to get them.The Pixel 3a series phones are clearly the best value for your money in the US currently and performs on par with the flagships.The… Read more »

Bought mine straight from oneplus and it's a single sim.

Abubakar Abdulsalam

Please! Make a review on the Nokia x71. Would like to know if it's worth buying


Props. Another tech reviewer taking shots at the OP camera. The positive from this is OP will most likely here this and put out even more updates to address the Camera/image quality