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Don Nerdó

Temple Run on Galaxy S10+ 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏


You buy phone not just for gaming... maybe that 90 hertz screen is better but it's not that noticeable ang not a big deal, but what does is having a phone with a total pack of features with samsung. Just check it out👍


Notice how on pubg how much times you had to press the x and kn the s10 only a tap

sagar mestry

Just look at that s10 plus...premium design 😍😎

Beauty Neytiri

i see no need in using the face unlock feature, the fingerprint scanner is CRAZY FAST !
you just tap the screen or lift it up, place you thumb on it and without even noticing anything really you are in... thats how crazy fast it is...

ravi gopal

I think s10 show s punchy colours than one plus


You shouldve gotten the 12gb s10 to make it fair!


So ... if they are the same price ... which one should i get ??? (Will last me 5-7 years) ...

Holly Hsieh

back in the day when we have no problem seeing 30hz display and suddenly the 60hz display came out, and we feel that 30hz are slow and lagging...

arsham ghafari

S10 plus 8 gb and oneplus 12 gb hh
Then the oneplus face recognition security is 0 if you take a picture a show it to the phone it will open

Ali Express

Its unfair, you have some bands on your left hand.

νιи τV

Its almost the same on fingerprint scan, Samsung has 1.5x animation

Red Paris

You gotta start testing snapchat with these phones. Snapchat is very performance demanding

N Banerjee

S10+ much much better. One plus is a unbalanced device with better performance and bad camera plus no headphone jack.

Divyansh Raghuwanshi

Samsung should remove animation for fingerprintu lock


I wonder if One Plus 7 Pro will have some edge features coming soon. Just like on the. Galaxy S7.

DJ. Grand Theft Audio

Nice Video. What about a speaker comparison. 1. Quality. 2. Loudness


Can you please do iPhone 6s vs iPhone XS Max ?

Glass Man

I got the s10+ but ever since I seen the 7 pro and I heard that OnePlus answered my prayers and put stereo speakers in a phone, I know the camera is better on the s10+ but I think that's a trade I might be willing to take, Nick I got a s10+ I will trade u for that OnePlus 7pro

Angel Negron

Try the fingerprint unlock test again but after unlocking developer options on the galaxy and taking off animation transitions, that may make it snapier.

Bad Bitch Teresa

Yo why is samsungs animation so inconsistent??

Nick Ackerman

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus Speed Test! Let's Gooo!!! Correction* Fnatic mode was turned on but when loading the Games, regular gaming mode appeared, please keep that in mind 😀

René Gulpen

I would like to see the differences how quickly a smartphone takes a photo. Is that possible?


1000 bucks it better...lol whelp we have been programmed to think that the more something cost the better!! Whelp point proven its not true. I guarantee if OP7 WAS 1000 bucks attitudes would be different...the mere fact that OP7 is undercutting what the market says they should charge proves phones are over priced, PERIOD!

Carlos Jauridez

In One plus 7 pro not to fast in it, because I saw that you touchs two buttons before open. THAT'S not to fast. I think so. My opinion.

Carlos Jauridez

Samsung s10+ waterproof, 3.5 jack, etc

Joel Orosco

Look fellas I like both and personally have the S10+. But honest truth, the OnePlus is not going to sell nearly as much as the S10+. Samsung is a well known established brand and not to say that OnePlus isn't, but definitely a newer company and definitely new to the US when it comes to carrier availability.

Jacob Strang

Why not compare the 12gb ram s10 plus with the 12 GB ram one plus 7 pro?

Amose Soreng

Can any one suggest me which one i should go for...

ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7

I loved one plus 7 Pro just for that Proper Name 👍👍