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anthony 35

I have the gold one ...I have drop it soo soooo many times...n nothing a problem yet

Phil Fasulo

great video. i would like this phone but dont have at&t. is it possible to buy it or is it only for at&t?

fatma Assem

i love Samsung galaxy s7 edge it's my favorite phone 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤💘❤❤💘💘💘

Broedy Belgarde

can anyone tell me if the active fits the vr headset?? I'm waiting on my s7 active to arrive and I'm looking into the vr deal but idk if the phone will fit the headset. Thanks in advance


cool!! but i think it isn't the best, i saw the agm x1 and i love it

Rex Luminus

Good review. Musick is a bit too 📢loud though.

Jack Carroll

Did you completely forget about the S6 Active? It had a very similar idea behind it compared to the S7. It was actually even more useful seeing as the S6 wasn't water resistant to start with. I've owned both and love both. Hoping they keep the Active line, and now that their AT&T contract is up, maybe expand it


Why is the like 400$ less and better than the newest iPhone

Kangaroo Jack

The black one looks really great, honestly.

Joseph Deliz

I have this phone with a screen protector and a supcase unicorn beetle pro case that comes with another screen protector of its own. The phone is basically a tank.

Joane Matos

Vc enviaria uma tela do s7 active para o Brasil