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DarkFlame GT

can i get a shoutout for your next video? heh

Md Sharfuddin

i am still using one plus 3T and there is no problem except i cant play ps2 game at 30 fps

SnapDragon S7

You make it.
Thanks a lot bro.
I'm about buying phone with SD 820

Muhaimin Muhaimin

Play fortnite with that phone...please


Snapdragon 820vs 660vs 821vs 675 which one is better

999999 999

My xperia x performance (snapdragon820) can't play pubg. so I will buy xiaomi mi9!!!!!!!!!

LRiv C

Interesting how this chip ages well despite the time it passed

Владимир Миронов

Please show more test of damonps2 and dolphin emulator please

Alireza mosael

Can you give me one of your phones...price are so expensive in iran... we work 2 month to by a cheap phone ( without spending a penni of it)

tell me your question about my videos

You are be one of the world most underrated YouTube channel you must have at least 1 million subscribers but...! Love from pakistan

virus 200010

I have xiaomi mi5 at the same processor, and pubg on minimal setting going with lags.

Dσ υ Know мE

SD 810 octacore (2015)
But why SD820 Quad Core (2016)