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For me important is:
As least 3gb ram
Itz samsung
As l.1600×900 screen
8 core as least 2.0 ghz


It is painful watching you scratch this phone!!!!!!


the most important feature on my phone is that it's black so the snipers don't see me calling ßæ at night time

niki gundacker

Most important feature eould be the headphone jack


So this is what Samsung phones will look like in 20 years

abdou elbeltagy

I want to know what the best phone you tested?


The most important thing to a phone in my opinion is

it has to play pubg and fortnite at 60+ fps

Ernestas Dubovikas

Hey you should test Getnørd onyx, that will be very interesting.

John Cooley

"If you had to pick one feature as the most important on your smartphone, what would it be?"

Samsung- Bixby

El Mero Mero
I bought a cat phone model s50c 2 years ago. It was by far the worst "construction" phone I bought myself. First it was only 8g memory. Which it had about 5gigs of pre installed apps that I didn't care for. And some you just couldn't get deleted (thanks cat). Which only left me with only 2 apps I could download before I was "out of storage". Within a year, back rubber on phone bubbled really bad on a 70° day while I was doing yard work we which I left on table on sun. I got it repaired through… Read more »
azmath ruzly

Can nomu s50 beat the cat and any other mobile?

scifiguy 25

The main thing I want on my phone which is a LG G4 btw is water resistants

Butter Butter

My dad would love a phone like this after going through a droid turbo and 2 Motorola motos, but he works for case so they might not like him using a phone that says CAT on it

Ultimate Loserking

Power, so that I could play lung for free,


friend of mine accidentally droped his cat phone and it got rolled over by a car...it functioned perfectly normal after that accident

Derduer Derduvar

worse phone i ever had 🙂 try put it in your pocket and it will turn it self of
i cant find a way to have button lock on the side buttons 🙂

Nicholas Samuel Ramirez

The front looks like an S5 Active.

Temmie gaming and memes

This was definitely the cat's meow

Very sorry

Luka Novak

When you cant do anything to this phone...


I broke my cat s41 and the sad part is i have broken every phone i own and no one knows how to replace a cat screen...