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Richart Asia

Huawei makes good feeling phones even their Honor brand doesn't feel like budget phone...

Roni Alush

Huawei Nova 4e in China, I think there is a 6GB RAM version but it costs 70$ more.

Vishal Giri

best budget phone for camera lovers indeed!!

Gage Bamber

Hello is samsung j4 plus worth it For $120

Sinshi Kodo

Hi Alex
I would like to ask you
Is there any news about Honor 9x Max?

High End Cheap Tech

Great video as usual! A decent price on a pretty darn nice phone!

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The question is which of the phones best video?

mike 3frvbgfhnjuykiujyhtrg

is there a better phone than the hua wei p30 lite?

anoop a

With your previous videos I had doubt that you are a paid Huawei promoter. Now I am sure about it. No problems with promoting products in a fair manner. But you chose to spread negativity about competition like Nokia 9. Pls take care next time

alfonso criscuoli

What's better this phone or a Samsung Galaxy A70. Both seem good value for money.

Amir Laukholm

Whould you recommend p30 lite over xiaomi mi mix 2s or xiaomi mi mix 2.
I am most care about the camera and gaming

Keep up the good work

Oriet Patrick

Wow nice cellphone for budget great very good


I just bought this phone in blue color here in the US. The back is polycarbonate not glass.

Omar Jimlano

Great review, can you tell me what weather widget you're using?