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Dary David

Clearly I'm going to buy this powerful phone it got everything my need wants for, kudos to Huawei team!

Mahender Rao Mesineni

Watching India big screen phone wanted

joshuagood hill

If you want to buy do not buy of Wonder mobile they are just a big head ache And the phones are always used or opened get it somewhere like Amazon

joshuagood hill

Yes buy off wondamobile if you want it to be opened use scratched .

Thomas Lamotte

Hello, I would like to know if the version evr-l29 is compatible in French ?? Thank you

jhaxxxs Saberon

Nice huawei. BTW I am user of huawei😊

Camille Anderson

Why does no one mention the IR blaster in the reviews? That was one of the biggest things that sold me because I was sad when all the flagships scrapped it. I always lose remote. Anyway... Mine is on it's way. Will be here in jist a day

shai miara

Bought it global version this phone is a beast!!! Best phone ever!!!


Samsung are shitting themselves...hence the bullshit fake news about Huawei

Diana Edwards

bought this and think it's totally amazing, love the big screen and it's so clear and bright, and battery lasts forever


Huawei mate x or Samsung fold? My choice mate x.

Cywlexeem Tacac

I've been watching the back of the phone for 5 minutes and hit dislike button.

joshuagood hill

Yes buy from wonder mobile if you want it to be opened and scratches all over it. and then they tell you it had to be opened to register it what a load of bull

joshuagood hill

Well I have just bought a phone off them and it was not sealed .not happy


Switching from iPhone se to this I am so exited

craig melberg

Bought the mate 20x it's awesome thanks for the review


Absolutely NOT a 5g. Since its only released this year. Misleading title.

mike hawkins

Too bad it doesn't have the wireless charging. Other than that, this phone is amazing!


This isn't the 5G, get rid of the title

Александр Гранкин

Я себе заказал хуавей мейт 20 х

Anh Hao Le

May I ask what phone you use to record this


Samsung needs to take some design ideas from this great phone for the Galaxy S11.

Ben Hughes

For some reason they said the 5g mate x version has a 4300mah battery instead of the 4g having a 5000mah

Amir Musa

Way 2 big of a phone, literally as big screen as many tablets.

FZM Studio

[ Follow this Link for the Mate 20 X! https://bit.ly/2DSN6jK to support the channel - Thank You! 😎 ] Mate 20 X 👑 The King of 2018 Smartphones!👑 Thanks again Wonda Mobile! — Hope you all enjoyed it!..MORE CONTENT COMING ON ITS WAY — See you all there...Enjoy...✌️😎

somebody. that's it

i thought that scene was from EndGame

Emre A.

Pros over mate 20 pro:
Flat screen
Less ugly notch
Pen support
Screen and battery size
Headphone jack

Cons over mate 20 pro:
Screen resolution
No in-display fingerprint sensor

Other thoughts:
An overclocked version of kirin 980 could be used because of more thermal headroom.


Watching this video on my Huawei mate 20X *. The best phone I've had, I never go back to IPhone.

T man

aww I was hoping for a place to put the stylus like on the Samsung Notes. I am from the US so don't think I will have the option of purchasing this phone. I think the US version has been put off. It's a beautiful phone though.

Uncle that hurts

I will still get this phone, fuck google