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Matt's Tarantulas

Another Samsung cloan pass pass pass

jess e

my Samsung phone (s7 edge) has not withstood the test of time, and I'm very careful with my phone. the paint on the home button has scratches away, the battery drains too quickly, even in power saving mode, the glass back panel is peeling off due to heat, (I've replaced the adhesive twice to try and fix it). I hope the next iteration of Huawei smartphones comes to the u.s.

haydari haydari

I think s7 edge + İOS = huawai mate 9 pro.

Abu Bakr Mahomed

Salaam brother? Which shop did you get this phone from in the UAE? I am looking for one exactly like yours.


its cost more than 60000 in indian rs


It looks similar to Galaxy S7, but with hell alot better features

Suresh Kumar Limbu

hahaha why no change back camera ???

House Of Caleb Fashion Designs W

All these videos say it's possible to put a MicroSD card into the dual SIM card slot & it's not possible!!! It's so annoying & frustrating!!! But unless you have a Nano SD Card which I can't find that one actually exist then your totally screwed!!! I love the phone but MicroSD cards are way to big to fit into the Huawei Mate Pro 9 slot!!!

jack coc

the body is like samsung first i confuse it is really honour or not

Jóshua/Méso Egenaonu

S7 Edge + iPhone 7= Huawei Mate 9 Pro/M9P

Gamer Hamdy

Is it huawei mate 9 same huawei mate 9 Pro??


I have an opportunity to get this 9 pro phone for 160usd in very good condition with all original cables, box and 2 cases included. Should I go for it?