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Luciferlvz anato

Plz Dont compare chinease cheap products with Samsung.

Sweaty Crow

Fair comments... but i feel like your on samsungs nuts with this one my friend. My s9 skips my fingetprint... also price comparison for what they both do. I think you're over looking with the Huawei, saying that... if its my next phone, il keep you updated with a review. But i didnt hear you mention many, yet one pro about the hauwie lol

Mansoor Ahmed

Samsung release an update everytime they release a new flagship that ruins the old phones.


I bought the Huawei P30 Pro. A very good phone with good quality 😛 I love it <3

Vedaantsingh Pardeshi

Hey man, the oneplus 7 has a 48MP camera and nothing else is mentioned about the second camera on the back! But I've a doubt whether it'll perform as good as the 20MP+16MP camera on Oneplus 6T or will be just a gimmick like the 48MP on lower end phones like Redmi 7 Pro?

Oh No No

People are so dumb that they can even compare samsung to huawei p30 pro

Praveen Selvaraj

Compare Huawei p30 lite vs Poco F1 !!!!

Sujeet Mathur

You very handsome yar i am just forget wht ur saying i am only looking u love


Got a 🔥 Camera comparison cooking up — This P30 Pro at night is going to BLOW. YOU. AWAY...Stay tuned

Edit, made a typo in the video — Samsung screen resolution is 1440×3040, not 1140×3040 !

Owen Richards

S10 because I have a s10 and it is really cool

Andrew Elder

Great video, thanks! Though I'm surprised you didn't mention the P30 Pro's "Hybrid Zoom", which uses the other cameras to get up to 10x zoom, with little quality loss!

Haris Abu Bakar

Huawei!!! Hahaha... The only android phone which managed to convince me switching from iPhone... RIP Apple!

Leidi Bayudan

That's the P in P30 pro ---> (Photography) purposes not for videos.

Chen Dian

in canada the p30pro is $1300 10+ $1700 CAD