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mi 9, lenovoz6 pro ,maizu 16s or oneplus 7 camera wch to choose

Avalon Kenton

Any ideas when this phone is coming to the u.k?

Awais Iqbal

Pictures are not sharp enough. It looks that 48 samsung GM1 is not a quality sensor like others in Samsung 9 and 10 or it may be poorly implemented. It is marketing gimmick for other phone manufacturers. Samsung will use some other better sensor in its upcoming S series phones

Peter Parker

Great Review! It's amazing that nobody except you and a few more are talking about this smartphone. Thanks a lot.
BTW, do you know if the camera has stabilization for the video and to take pictures (OIS)

Smartphone Wars

Looks like you don't understand anything about cameras. All the shoots you said looked good, were actually poor. A $200 phone takes better photos and probably videos than this.
If you are not in it for the display and performance, the camera is not worth the money here.

Mohammad PBUH

no eis? that's just lazy considering it's just software.

Adrina The Great

The wider the angle the less important image stabilisation becomes.
Be nice to have 4k with 24pfs for night vision, it would allow more light to hit the sensor and provide a cleaner image

Rafael Yuri Coracini Falcão

Is lenovo z6 pro compatible with arcore by google?

FB Kensar HD

Clean your lens and the lens flare will for the most part... Go away. 😁😂


hi how do i select hyper video mode?

Karl Tabby

my man, can you make a software review of this phone, hardware is great but software is questionable

EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT the touhou nightmare

Is this gobla or Chinese rom

Chetan Cherry

Bro suggest me a best smartphone for shooting movies


Thanks for the video, I was interested in this phone, but it's horrible when it comes to image stabilization, so I skip. My old iPhone SE has perfectly smooth video's after filming.

John Lester Tan

can u have a comparison w/ the mi 9 camera . thank you.

Elliott Feaster

I think some people are forgetting this phones is 430$ u.s. ...and is still a flagship phone...besides who buys a high dollar phone just for the camera...

Kyle Lopez-Vito

The fact that there's no 4K 60 fps recording on this Snapdragon 855 device just turned me off. Even last year's devices have 4K 60 fps recording, even that cheap Pocophone F1.