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Zsolt Nemes

I had those details with my Xperia Z2 also

Srivatsan Jyotsum

Why don't such phones come to India?


"Your boy"!? What are you some kind of wigger?

Arun S

The biggest issue with lenovo is that they're poor on software updates. Otherwise they're awesome.

Rafael Estrada

I hope it delivers, cause that thing looks nice!

Rozrywka po pracy

Hello is this phone waterproof? I can't find information on the internet

Arron Miller

goes to China, home to some gruesome human rights conditions and slaps them online for “animal cruelty” over butterflies? what a FAIL. This is why today’s generation is lost and the world is broken. FAIL FAIL FAIL


Flagship killer with notch. Yeee yeee, NO... 😀 But good advancement...

Rojan K Rajan

It's not a water drop notch it's dot. Notch,or U notch

The Indian Vlogging Channel

Your video is very good. the way that guy is watching you talking to the camera gives chills. 😂


That macro feature it's a really usefull instead of a bunch of camera to create a fake hdr/zoom.

Jerry K B

It's an amazing phone...
I will definitely watch the full camera review.

Nishant Saikia

Its all about how the operating system handles the quad cameras. If it cant then there is no use of having quad lenses

Hirdesh Jaiswal

Hahaha loved the animal cruelty comment

Mario A

I would get it just for that macro
Holy smokes

Jean-Francis Tetreault

2.06 : What does he say? Sorry cannot hear very well and I am interested to know everything about the phone before buying.

Ryan Edwards

Seems like a solid phone, and that price tag is great but I think I'll stick with my Samsung.

Also, just want to add that the whole potentially three people listening in at the same time is gimmick af. If I have my headphones in, that's it. lol


What people should know is that the SOC and ram are quite cheap and you just get scammed by overpricing.

David Morrison

They make great laptops for sure, can it best my 6t?

bell G

That is horrific! The monarch is a protected species globally. Call the authorities!

Asian Global Tech GHAFAR

camera, speed and battery performance test lenovo z6 pro vs samsung a70 or note 9 plz

AR Home Studio

Since i owned Z2 pro and Lenovo K5 note the killer
And K8 note the monster actually lenovo never disappoint me waitong for this beautiful new lenovo and i will buy it indeed
I really love Lenovo and Vivo their phone are really great maybe slow updates but phones can go with you under any situation it will do its job correctly

choudhry ali

Lenovo is just not ...

They have specs, all of their products do, but they're not tuned, and that's their problem.