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Sam Fouani

Other channels reviewing the OnePlus 7 Pro and this channel reviewing this phone and didn't even release ONE OnePlus video which is obviously the talk of the town these days.

Anthony Gonzalez Lopez

Nice device, would sell good in Europe I think. You can install a launcher for an app drawer.

Quan Gan

OPPO and VIVO acquired many UI developers from Meizu. That's why their software didn't get a refresh for years. However, their software is still considered one of the best UI in the Chinese market for its simplicity and gesture control.


Never pay more than $200 for Chinese-designed phone...this one is $520? HARD pass.


Why do your videos seem like they are at 20fps? Big no in quality...

moblue 289

just seeing it in your hand makes me jealous

Lim Reviews

Great review! My exact same thoughts. I think the white version looks better though 😁

Gianluca Caravaglio

Link of AliExpress is for China version, i don't recommend

Azam Edwards

It look like the photos came out the same level with iPhone XR tbh.

Smartphone Wars

You can switch between the last two recent apps with Gestures (drag to the left or right for previous or next app on the list), but I guess you never used those. Meizu's gesture system is probably the best. You can also change the launcher if you want to.

mr360 n7pro

please tell about really battery life ( Screen on time, video playback, web browsing &... )

samir tounsi

For me this is the best design of phone... I hate notch and the up cam and the big chin... Great design

Parzival Gripex

Why can't they made phone like this...


All the software issues you mentioned seem resolvable by just using a launcher

greg yance

You didn´t make an objective review , you are just being way too whiny , the "issues" you keep mentioning are resolved with a launcher , so easy , AND, that unit is for the Asian market , Meizu ALWAYS launches an international version with almost all the global LTE bands , you seem very uneducated about the brand , so your review is not trustworthy , and musn´t be taken in account to decide whether or not buy this GREAT phone , just the specs are killing specs for the price.

Alonzo B. Bonaparte

I'm sorry but PhoneDog has been wack every since @NoahKravitz left. I don't even watch this channel as much as I use to.


Mid-tier? Are you serious? This is a flagship phone from Meizu, equipped with latest hardware we see from other flagship phones.

The Dynamic Range is doing good as well but not the best. And you're right, all problems are software issues that can be fixed. I'll give you a point on that.

All-in-all, nice detailed review.

Dado D.R.

After so much time meizu still have wallpeper bug,you can not change walls on any meizu phone,unbelivable.

Kwame Joe

Which software problem you tell me . I use a Meizu 16th plus and the same was said about it but I don't see no software problem , it's even better than Xiaomi OS