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Alawaf Ban Yasharahla El

Can you do more comparisons of Umidigi f1 play?


Just yesterday was wondering when someone would do a video on this it's crazy🤣😂😂😂


I'd like to see a comparison of this and the G7 standard.

Chaumette Solutions

I have this phone on Visible and I love it. I actually got it on your suggestion. Thanks for making these videos.

Gary Davis

You can pick it up from visible for $99. — you receive a $100. — MasterCard for online purchases...

Baaad Dude

They got rid of the front flash and the laser focusing on the rear camera? Damn. Think i'll be holding onto my E5 Plus for another year or so. Plus, I tossed an Android P rom onto my E5 plus recently. All up to date and ready to roll another 12 months. I'm kind of a cheap ass I know. LOL. Btw. I realize this phone isn't the upgrade to the E5 Plus but since Motorola most likely isn't releasing an E6 Plus, the G7 Power gets nominated by default.




Kevin Kevin Kevin! Good video! Thumbs up! How come Nobody mentions the G7 PLUS? I mean No One. Is that not considered part of the Family? Is it not for the U.S. Market? I can't seem
to get much information about this. Thank you!

B.C N.Carolina

Really good video,I have a Total Wireless moto g7 power, your video presentation has improved greatly with the stabilization of your hands. I am a subscriber and like your videos.

Kevin Gordon

I'm sold on the Moto G7 power! Thanks for the information!


Just grabbed the G7 Power for my son. Loving it! Also loving these Kevin Breeze reviews! 😍

A Servant of The King

Something is wrong Mr. Breeze. Are you sick. You sound a little off.

Tracy Patzo

I have the g7 power I love it. Originally I was a stylo fan but this year the stylo specs were the same from last year accept an extra gig of ram. Plus the stylo 5 costs $275 at T-Mobile. T-Mobile version of stylo 5 just came out yesterday.


I got the metro one the only issue I have with this phone is that mine has an issue with the YouTube app every now and then it will just freeze

Daniel Torres

Folks buy this phone!! I had it for two months and it's amazing. It's an amazing deal. The battery life will spoil you


Moto g7 power or Samsung Galaxy a20 I can't choose can someone help me out on which to choose

Kamrul Hassan

Could you publish a similar post-usage review of Galaxy A20? Looking for a secondary phone for display, performance and battery life. My options are Galaxy A20 (3GB/32GB) and G7 Power (4GB/64GB), the latter would cost $40 more though.

I was really pumped about getting this phone and on paper it looks great for the money but after problems with my G6 Play I decided to search before buying to see if there are any deal breakers. The phone looks to have a serious issue with Wifi connectivity and there are forum posts that are going on for months without a resolution from Motorola. I'd suggest people do some reading before going with this device. As for my G6 Play it had LTE data transfer issues until it just stopped transferring data completely unless on Wifi. Good review though… Read more »

I would get this phone if it did have that stupid ass big Notch on the front.

Tammy Heidelberg

This is a question for Kevin or anyone that has this phone! Can someone tell me if the call quality is good?

Android buddy

Hey you guys, would any of you consider buying the new Moto E6 ?

Christopher  etter

Love the video keep up the good work buddy

Johnathan Radmer

I have the G7 power for cricket about 3 months. The battery is just a champ. The phones performance is great cause of the 632. The camera is decent with little to no complaints. Honestly, I love this phone and glad to have it.


After having 4 Galaxy Notes and Samsung removing the headphone jack on the Note 10,...I'm done buying 'high end' phones.

Just got my hands on this G7 Power and I have to say I really like it. I got it primarily due to the battery capacity and decent sized screen but I'm discovering there is more than that to like about it.

Very happy!


@Kevin Breeze I am guessing the Amazon Alexa software is what is incompatible with Visible. I wanted to get the G7 Power when Visible first had it but it was quickly out of stock so I got the R2 for now. So far it ia good.

Reagan Ward

I'm on this phone right now. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Jabber Jaw Reviews

What setting did you use to take your photos?

Robbie mac

720p on the moto one in the UK was horrible, wonder if this one is any different

Guitar Heretic/*x

Great review! I just ordered one. Looking forward to checking one out.