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Deva gdnn

nokia very very very very ... best sound quality + display she"s my favorite company ,...

Krishna Raghav

Nokia X71 have better build quality and hardware also far good then redmi.
This is why Nokia is more expensive...
Nokia is best ever 😎😎

Vanja Tomašević

Hmd is Finnish company, not Chinese

adeadalien n

The redmi note 7 is still the better bang for your buck in my opinion.

eddlang x

First, HMD, not HDM.

Second, it's a Finnish company. They are the ones that design and engineer the phones. They then send the designs to FIH for manufacturing, which is also NOT Chinese. The factory is located in China but it's a subsidiary of the Taiwanese foxconn.

Josep Dimla

Lol how the hell you have the guts that they are the same camera quality?? Its a ZEISS LENS you dumbass!

arya sen

Biased towards Chinese phones.How come the camera is equal??Nokia has ultra wide in addtion to 48+5 & zeiss is better than sony anyday.


So if you got cash buy quality, if not buy cheap?

Francis M.

Nokia X71, is still the beast and nokia is still best and the legend #1. ❤️👍👊

Sir Lord Noel Manchester

As a Man from Norway. I hope NOKIA will launch an amazing thrailler globally with a BANG. FINLAND from the land of the Viking hope to see a TV commercial like VIKINGS. This goes Slumbered for many years when a Chief was visited by Time machine to come to the future welcome him in Bombastic fashion and he is now Connected thru NOKIA connecting people. Suggestion hired talent Mr. Terry Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan as Viking chief or other Scandinavian Divas or actors. Now NOKIA will shines anew.

Samalay R.N. Kashyap

Hmd global is not a Chinese company 😑
It's a Finnish company


Is there any dedicated sim tray in nokia X71????


Nokia X71 has 93% screen to body ratio!!!

Shah Khalid

Which is good? A70 or Nokia x71. Please guide me I want to but one.

Tech Brothers

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ജീവിതം ഒരു സ്വപ്നകടൽ
ജീവിതം ഒരു സ്വപ്നകടൽ

Ithing nokia is better

rishad abdul rasheed

Y u compare high price mobile with a budget redmi phone!

Palash Bora

I like Nokia phone... Nokia is a best Mobile ...

Warning !! Adult Content

2:05 my face when i open front camera.

asri azmi

Love your comparison video but i don't think it fair to group note 7 and 7 pro together. Clearly pro is on different segment