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will it have super slow motion and 60fp video recording?? if it does im getting it asap lol

Аюбджон Ганиев

wow, give me a phone like that.

Jermaine Moodie

Mine's ordered and glad to see i will be getting a good camera that also does night shots well

Edison Lewis

Common man uses his mobile for many reasons other than clicking photos.......😏

Madara L Uchiha

And now to wait for April 11 for the phone such a wait it's killing me 😂

I honestly want this device but I can't make my mind up between this and the Samsung A50 . There's a £20 difference between the both, meaning this is £20 cheaper. The 2 things that stand out for me on this phone is the 5000+ Mah battery and the 48mp camera. But the thing is you guys have a reputation for lying about camera specifications AND I've seen on YouTube that you guys are awful when it comes to updates (mainly seen it on Z2 Pro). Now i'm fully aware that you guys are a budget Chinese smartphone company i'm… Read more »
Paulo Aucay

Maldita sea no puedeN fabricar un teléfono sin NOCHT

Ebm Vidaloka

I hope they do a good job on the camera software, I'm thinking of getting one. But the poor performance of the software makes me uncomfortable.

Jacques Marneweck

We get it you think the guy has a nice @$$ xD

Thomas Samoht

I was about to get an F1 but then pre-ordered this. Fingers crossed.

Diego Nicitra

Ma gli aggiornamenti sui smartphone Umidigi sono frequenti oppure sono abbandonati a se stessi!
perché sarei interessato ad acquistare.

ariel godoy

I want one, but I not have money 💔😪

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Que fotos mas bonitas. Espero mi Umidigi s3 pro para ir tomar fotos a la ciudad.

jorge velasquez

muy buen balance de colores en las fotografías y una calidad de imagen excelente un terminal que tienen mucho que ofrecer

Ted Thomas

its 2019, you need a wide angle these days lol

Osama Al Aqeel

I Ordered one yesterday... I hope the S3 pro will receive future software updates.

Happy John

0:50 Automatically changing the saturation there interesting. I wonder what it does to the photo's noise...

9:58 AM

Ismail Abdullateef

extraordinary phone cant wait to lay my hand one one

yu hori


meth yl

I think it shlud be MediaTek Helio P90 it has power full AI (APU 2.0) , 48mp better support , AI power can make better camara

meth yl

IF THIS PHONE HAS powerful mediatek p90 processor I WILL DEFINITELY BUY IT

Abhisar Rawat

Why you guys are not in India ? You surely will rock the market!!!!

dani estors

When I can see a real camera test?
Thank you

Erick b

greetings from Brazil!🇧🇷 My people are very fond of this brand. It is very important here in Brazil.

Happy John

0:10 "1X Optical Zoom" 😂😊

9:57 AM



какой смысл покупать телефон, который никогда не получает обновлений... а так конечно всем хорош, разве что индикатора уведомлений не хватает


How to buy umidigi a1 pro ac adapted g
From Bangladesh

Shrinivas Bhivaskar

I like its camera wish I win this giveaway

pinapaka sri hari

Is umidigi s3pro support Indian networks or not??


Good, I wish it was cheaper than this like 220$ or even less.