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Aarron S


mr am

I din't trusted vivo phone,u can buy but for longterm usage and software is dead...vivo and oppo is same great on specs but maybe no software updates

Michael Heinze

Hi Frankie,

so sad the most Phones you are tested are not sold in Germany 🙁

You see... your channel will be watched here too 🙂

But one question... what Playlist you play in your Speaker test?

Greetings to Hong Kong

hello weegee

u r idiot ,u didn't even.use.L R buttons that I wanna see

Goh Seng Watt

Like your camera comparison & both looks stunning & the results are very close. However, I personally feel Mi9 has a slight edged over the IQ005. Given a choice, I would still go for Mi9.

Kian Alizadeh

Dude u have to adjust the settings for notched screen in pubg in the settings
There is an option for that

Krishnamurthy Setty

Good one brother, I seriously feel that iqoo is a great all-rounder

Andi Property

can i ask you frankie :
— does IQOO has infrared frontcam for better unlock in dark?
— did you ever try to charge IQOO using another cable and the fast charging still work?

Arif Sourav

i m confused between this two... please suggest me #FrankieTech

Joan Toriado

How to enable monster touch? i will buying vivo

SimpleGuy AlonE

Frankie, bro do you have any idea how much this vivo IQOO in Philippines? I really like this phone. The size is so handy, thanks for this review bro.


Xiaomi Win on price — Vivo fun touch is not to fun to touch

Alexis Lee

Please Lord... Let me hv this one... What an all rounded smartphone... Thumbs up as always bro...good job...

Walter Hendrick

Also, I am seeing conflicting info regarding the bands, do you know if it will work in the USA for AT&T? Last, I haven't noticed a notification light on the top, does it have one please?

Pj Occas

Compare the battery performance with the huawei mate 20 x plsss😁 along side the s10 plus

George Hatzaw

Can you compare vivo nex 2 and vivo iqoo... because i like both and can't choose which one to buy... compare about gaming, camera, battery, display and which one has faster processor.

Andro Gamer

So what would you recommend pocof1 or Vivo iqoo

Aaron Panganiban

Hi may I ask if you can install gcam on this phone or if it's camera2api enabled? Thanks mr frankie!

Emre Yılmaz

My english bad. So can someone explain me what is funtouch OS?(make it simple)


Ha, "no gimmicks" and then in the same breath there is this cool (aka gimmicky) light on the back for no reason.

Did someone get a free phone for a review or something?


Yeah... Both vivo and oppo's UI is crap

Walter Hendrick

I am confused, some sites say it does have a SD Card slot and others say no. Can you please confirm if it does or not? Can I use my memory card in it? Also, do you expect it will have custom ROM's? Thank you in advance.

Sgt. Lagger LP

Hello Frankie Do you know if the iq00 does Support the Drm (Widevine L1) or is it lvl 3

Mohd Abdul Rauf

Thanks bro... For camera comparison... Mi 9 back n vivo iqoo selfie camera is good... I am still confused which one should i buy... 😂😂

Miker Kheang-3

Is it the day that this phone is available globally?

Kansianus Taruna

The thing i concern more is about the OS, honestly never use any vivo phone before but based on information i heard the OS vivo been using (funtouch ?) aren't that good...
Is it true ?

Othman Zainalabidin

Hi Frankie can you do a comparison on Vivo iq00 against honor view 20. Thanks mate. Awesome video.