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Mahesh Sutar

I wished Steve liked the stylus. He would have made it like a magic wand. Unfortunately we are stuck with no competition here...

Jm Crop

LG and Asus phones are crap. LG G4 and LG V10 suffer from bootloop and Asus phones die in less than a year. Go for Vestel Venus if you want a low budget but high quality phone.

Aid Games

For.me best phone with stylus beside galaxy note is LG Cokkcie kp500 😂😂😂legendary phone


for all the people saying that note phones are the best and shit yea they are good and stuff but the fact that they are the most popular with having a stylus doesnt mean they own the capability of having a stylus and you shouldnt hate other phones for having one

Miror 65

My samsung J2 has a stylus oh wait its a antena for the mobile tv 😅😑

Light Being Aid

I would love trying a China Phone they have better technology then us

Julian Casas

Como dije antes; Para mí es una buena idea darle la oportunidad a estas marcas pq de vez en cuando algunas sorprenden … la última que se llevó mis palmas fue Ila ( en realidad más específicamente el ILA X, aunque no he probado otro modelo de ellos). Gracias por el video! estaré al tanto de los modelos que pasaste 😀

Lahiru Rajapaksha

funny vedio hahaaa...Nothing compared to galaxy Note...its best forever...


Hmmmm nah, I am gunna stick with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Polar Bear

Im watching this from my LG stylo 4, and I got to admit. It is a great phone, the camera, how fast it is, and more

Dre Tucker
Don't know at this point , but merging s-plus and Note series will hit me like a ton of bricks because I'm so custom to the way they presented all three of the phones for years now . All of a sudden because of sales not succeeding successfully in stocks or whatever. I thought Samsung was about innovation and redesigned and new features of Technology , Not eliminating a phone because it didn't do good and everybody really loves this phone . I'm just highly disappointed that's all but it's nothing that's going to kill me because I can go… Read more »

Nothing like the PRESSURRE SENSETIVE ACTIVE STYLUS on the real galaxy note.


Nothing like the PRESSURRE SENSETIVE ACTIVE STYLUS on the real galaxy note.


Wait wheres the lg stylus 3,stylo 3 plus or the stylo 4?

Michael toomey

Azus Phones Tablets and Computers are Slow ...

Jay Mark Rivera

I cant find a seller here in philippines 🙁 can you help me please??

FIZZY all view

hope for huawei honor 8x max with stylus+ram512gb+ram10gb

Nahuel Velazquez

Muy bueno , Traiganlo a la Argentina

Alex Alicea

And 1 of those phones i have because i have a pen in my phone and i do not have a galaxy note

Agustian Agus

Whatever there, Galaxy Note can't be replace.