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Small error, Razer Phone 2 has 8GB of RAM.

Space Forge

aight so someone explain why samsung be charging over 1k for a phone with a hole in its slightly nicer screen (but slower screen)

Critique Truth

Absolutely! My OnePlus 6 can't handle gaming on higher settings. Gaming smartphone is totally Worth! it whether u r a gamer or heavy user.

Roberto Martinez

Can you play PC games such as Magic The Gathering TCG, Pokemon TCG, Star Craft, ect. on any phones

Carlo Munoz

Many people think the massive RAM is there for the games, but it's actually there to open up to TWO tabs of Chrome

JMB Games

Dimitry don't know if you test steam link with gaming phone but it would be nice to see if there are any benefits.

JCM 27

Problem with android is it lacks of tripple A games.


oh lordy now i can play asphalt for the million times !

the halfecaste

The only thing I care about on these is the display refresh rate. Come on Samsung!

Ananda Bilal

Anyone know where can I find that large blue mouse pad at 2:29?


Before I watch the video I'm gonna say short answer "No" Long answer: "Pfff no."


That battery is nuts honestly i would get just for that.

Nazif Morshed

You're impressed with this thing? What would you think when you try the ROG Phone 2?


The problem is that a ‘gaming’ phone is useless, because the cpu isn’t too different. It’s maybe overclocked or includes fan but real-world performance gain is negligible due to having the same base cpu as regular phones. Furthermore few games support higher than 60fps, rendering the above 60hz displays only nice for outside of gaming...

Sean H

Google games don’t hit the 90 hz, but would the steam link app or other similar apps be able to take advantage of the higher refresh rate?

Chris Romberg

The Asus Rog Phone 2 Yes...the others NO!^^

Exia The Gundam

i'll wait for your review of the Asus ROG Phone 2 if you can get one.

Jxshua Yuzn

Really depends on the price and your budget


The short answer is NO
The long answer is HELL NO

Dont waste your money


You can buy a gaming laptop for 700 dollars so i dont see the point in buying a gaming phone.

Sharma Shivkumar

the real gaming phone which is bank for the buck is K20 Pro 😍❤🔥


pretty unfortunate marketing decision to call a gaming device "noobia"

Death Scythe

To me nope they are not fucking worth it at all


I bought the Red Magic 3. It was trash. It is missing several advertised features, there are many complaints of manufacturing defects among other problems. They also have terrible customer service and getting a refund is a nightmare. I'm sticking to Samsung.


Here's the list of fave Android Games. Let us know yours!
— Asphalt 9
— Alto's Odyssey
— Super Mario Run
— Minecraft
— World of Tanks
— Stack
— Fotonica
— Leo's Fortune
— Osmos HD
— Monument Valley

I am who I am

Who the hell would buy a gaming smartphone??? Get a life!!!

Dante Recknagel

Something you guys need to pay more attention to in your phone reviews: high quality bluetooth codecs. For instance... the Samsung s10 has no AptX HD.

Uthman Igbin

most important question does it have wireless charging?


Mobile gaming isn't really my thing. Phones are fast enough that I would rather just buy a cheap mid ranger for basic stuff and use the money I save for better PC parts. Or I could use the cash to get a switch if I wanted to play games on the go.

matthew skullblood

fr whats the point of having a gaming phone if all the games are shit p2w

Dean Lawrence

Just need less money grabbing shit excuses for games and i might consider a "gaming" phone.

Edward Maullon

I got my Razer phone 2 when it was $400 off. It was definitely worth it and that 120hz feels game changing. I may not play games on phones that much but man...scrolling just feels so gooooood.

bobby boucher

lol time wasted on a stupid video guys :/ its like VR it was never a thing and will never be anything