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Quinton Wilde

I'll gladly take any of those gimple you don't want

Michael Goh

Haha brush our teeth... floss... what the...haha


😂😂 the always on image stabilisation is the most annoying thing ever hey!


Connecticut...microwave......lamp 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Matthew Ma

Great review thanks for sharing your tips!

Mike K

Has anyone tried using gimbal with the IPHONE XS MAX that is in a case? DOES IT FIT AND FUNCTION PROPERLY? Or, do you have to take the case of your phone in order to fit it in to this gimbal? THANKS!


Is there a tripod mount on the bottom? Wouldn’t the weight be more distributed towards the side because that’s where the phone sits? I mean in comparison to the common kind where the weight is just in the middle-

Joseph Wilson

It looks like it would be in the frame. My wide angle would have a problem with it.

Rahee Rahman

i can see the hard work, but the quality of the video is garbage

Sam Gerers

The smart features are great but I still prefer the Zhiyun Smooth 4 with Filmic Pro (which also supports the gimbal from this video since a recent update).

Beginners Daily

Should I use 4K to upload to YouTube as a new channel?

Nathan Simpson

FilmicPro has the ability to disable IS in software. Movi just needs to add that to their software I guess?

Lintang Cahyaningsih

I am so jealous right now. I'm struggling finding a cheap gimbal while you're practically showered with expensive ones 🙄

Rich Wilkes Films

Another great review!
If you use Filmic Pro you can turn off in camera stabilisation but at the cost of loosing some of the app features.

The DJI app also turns off the stabilisation so the Movi app should be able to do if it doesn’t already

Bryan McGuire

"Magical Norwegian cliff"...nailed Matti!

Jim Heitzman
BEST? How can that be said, honestly? Let me give you my honest opinion as an owner...Talk about dashed hopes! And in two full days of using this!I bought this for our two week vacation to the Southwest to tour 4 states in August using this in hopes of putting together a nice cinema-style movie for my family. Get it, learn it and be a pro at using it.I'm not savvy having to keep running to catch up everybody because I have to find a place to sit while I am making these crazy weight and balance adjustments, ballast swaps, fiddling with… Read more »
Thomas Kurian

Slow down ! Sounds like an Auction. Very informative Video though but less continuous talk would be better.