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Screen size difference. No lg brand. Smaller.

Rizky Aulia

is it possible to detece with IMEI?? luckly im gonna buy this phone and i got insecure :D, pls tell me

ronald Phone

I disagree its not replica but orig lg g5 it is manufactured inkorea. I have that phone its very good. Again i would say itsnot replica as you say. I stronly disagree period.

Asian Jesus

Hey Bring it back to me I made that phone it's not finished yet! im trying to be successful japanese BOI!


Lol, I'll trade you my real G5 for that one...

Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate

Just buy used or refurbished.
The battery being replaceable, and other functionality is the reason this phone exists.
BTW I also got a shitty set of head phones and cable, with the refurbished one I just bought for like <200AUD, great work horse.


This is why we shouldn't let our parents buy a phone it's better that way

Joe Au

Fuck the creativityless chinese
In my country we call them locusts

Dat Person Doe.

Funny how it's less likely to bootloop

Mary L

The signs that tells you it's fake
1. it does not has the LG logo at the bottom of the display screen
2. it has Samsung apps ( weird =.=)
3. it does not come with type C cable
4. it does not has the Wide Angle Lens
5. it has a smaller display screen compare to the original ( especially the side of the phone)
6. the original display screen has darker colour that fade on the edge than this one
hope this help 😀
if i missed anything, comment let we all learnt


Tôi thấy phiên bản gốc rất xấu , và bây giờ chúng ta có phiên bản fake . Tôi không biết nói gì !

اولادي قره عيني

The 7th and 8th IMEI numbers of my mobile are 07 what does this mean ?? is it fake ?? Moreover there is a number under the G5 in the back of it

John Carvell

It's a clone what do you expect it ain't going to be as good as original it's good enough though if using Wi-Fi and you just want to watch videos just take cheap photo shots then it's all good