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Please tell me, can I use Miracast with my Sony Bravia HDTV (which supports Miracast), or it works just with LG TVs? Thank you. 😉


This was an awesome video, very informative. However, I have an issue with my phone, it is in "safe mode" and my apps are not accessible; can you please help me disable it? I've googled it and the instructions say to remove the battery but the battery cannot be removed...help!!

ChinaRican Jew

You are so good at it. Thank you so much

Matt Dargis

Nice video man. Just picked up a G Flex 2 for $250.

b Tac

many can anyone tell me if the lag issues have been resolved with updates or something. I ordered an at&t one and i cant find anything anywhere about this. it says it has 5.0.0 lollipop. will I be able to update it or should I or any info will be appreciated

James Roberson

love this phone especially with the slim port that hooks up to the tv.


if i double tap the screen or swipe down the screen for the tiny time bar it takes much longer than for you (it feels like a lag or a big delay)

angela carrion

I'm having issues with my music, my music keeps pausing, any suggestions?

Soli  Huckaby

my phone has been acting up since last week Thursday. Camera not working as well & it's freezing my phone. Help? PLEASE

Marcell Bozó

hey, can anyone tell me pls how to turn on led flashlight to beacon?

Adam Dalton

i have forgot my google details i cant get past verifforcashon screen how can i sort this out i cant use my phone at all


I Have The LG G Stylo And The LG Stylo 2~And Quite Proud To Own Those Phones...Both Devices Have Alot Of Those Features...


16 More Bloody Idiot/Morons Dislikes And Counting...

NattieMaddie Luv

he's talking way too fast, i can't keep up.


Hey, nice videos. Do you still have the Flex 2? I would appreciate a video review of the Marshmallow update for this device. Thanks!

Dominick Johnston

i have short cuts and swipe as password but i cant see my short cuts please help?

Babu Reddy

my phone is lg Felix 2 my phone is sam time working sam time not work onli display lg but how to work my phone

antoine austin

Where's the flashlight on this thing? I can't find it anywhere.

Eli K

Knock on code is used before the device is turned on

Dj Fes

Can someone confirm something for me please. I used to have this phone when it released and I'm sure it used to let you use the camera front and back at the same time and split the screen into two and at angles too at full screen. I am right, right? Or have I got it muddled up with another phone?