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Aztec Girl
opps i had the original flex with the gigantic screen. So not sure if that was Flex 2 or original flex. I just know I loved that phone. To this day, I have been through 4 different phones and none of them have the battery life that my original Lg Flex had. And none of them have the big screen to play videos and watch movies on. The giant screen was awesome for that. It was also awesome to read on. Now I had to go buy a kindle. I used to do everything on that Flex Phone. Wish they… Read more »
Angel Love

You're just like saying how the LG G Flex is shit and the LG G Flex 2 is better in every way. No, it is not. The LG G Flex is better to me.


I have owned both. I can truthfully say that the Flex 2 is by far over hyped. It has a dinky little screen. Phone gets way to hot and the battery life is not as good as the original flex. My flex 2 had problems from the start. Like screen freezing and problems with using the keyboard. I would rate this phone about 6.5. I eventually went back to the original flex. Which I am using right now. Hopefully the flex 3 will out shine both 1 and 2.

Tucker Monticelli

I love my G Flex and would have bought the G Flex 2 but due to the heat issues and horrible battery life, I had to stick with the original. I can't wait to see the G Flex 3!


someone stole my G flex and i could not get the same one so i got the G flex 2 and so far its not as good as the first i really hope the G flex 3 would be better

Christopher Parker
I owned the gflex 2 and sold it and got the original gflex. Sure the screen is nicer but really guys the gflex original screen isn't bad. If you have used a note 2 it's the same sharpness. The gflex 2 screen isn't as large as the original gflex so it's not as cool. Trust me no one asked me why my gflex 2 was curved. But with my gflex 1 I got alot of attention and questions it's pretty neat. Also the battery is awesome. Two days with light usage easily. Even in 2016 the snapdragon 800 cpu is… Read more »

Do not get the LG G Flex 2...battery life is freaking horrible. With GPS and Wifi on I get a couple hours with the screen off most of the time. I turn it on to check my position on the map then turn it off.

Muhammad Ikhsan Firdaus

wich is best...xiaomi resmi note 3 pro or lg g flex 2???

Aztec Girl

my LG Flex 2 used to last most of the day and I used it all day. I really miss that phone. But how do we get the old LG Flex 2.? I liked how big the LG Flex 2 was. I enjoyed watching videos on that phone. Now I have the Samsung Note and since the new upgrade, its been nothing but problems.
Do they still sell the LG Flex 2?

nurd on a computer

Ah, back in the day, where we could see the pixels on a phone screen.

Sebastijan Hokman

the resolution is 720p and this is good and better than 1080p cus now the phone is not laggy like others and can play 2016 games very somth better than 2016 phones

Bruno Kaaka

I had this phone for a year now (gflex 2) and all i can say is that since the big upgrade all of the corks are fixed

sevan grigoryan

I like the flex 1's design better, but too bad it has a lot of quirks.

Alan Chan

it's g flex 2 vs g flex not new g flex vs old g flex


Is this phone still good for how old it is?

Paul Chamberlin

this guys nutz g flex 2 is ugly compared to 1


can anyone able to provide me a g flex 2 board ls996 model ?i will give him lg g3 for sure...

Matthew Cook

Lg g flex is the single best phone ive ever had.