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Just curious what are your guys's screen settings? Mine is on auto with the red turned all the way down. Because my screen had a red tint to it. Also when you turn the red down all the way it washes out the screen a little bit. Leave a comment below and let me know what your screen settings are

Brandon Hood

Great looking phone, Wich I Wish I have one.😁

Ankur Chopra

So much negativity even for the positive parts as well...quite anti-LG it seems


Why does it have a notch to begin with??? THERE IS A SPEAKER THERE YOU IDIOT!!

oRIZinal beatz

Um you didnt say anything bad about the notch on the one plus 6, why? Wow thats funny and this phone is definitely better than that phone. People are big haters for no reason.

Nitin Kumar

Terrible review from The Verge. Disappointed.

Amol Bansode

LG is good mobile maker, but they are lacking behind Samsung, they gotta do something about it.

Mark Endsley

Just started using the G7, used the phone a decent amount throughout the day, got off work at 6pm battery was still at 80%

Marija i Iva D.R.

Please tell me other phones with better features,its freaking content creator dream phone.Why so manny you tubers are using lg phones for the video.

Huy Huynh

Who is the reviewer talking to when the camera is pointed at him????

Coffee Base ☕

Can you STOP complaining about the name and the notch?? gOSH YOU PEOPLE ARE SO ANNOYING

Andrés Segura

Talk about a bias review, so negative why bother?

Pasquale Giorio

In Italia, thinq sounds as a very bad expression, people here just say LG 7.

Yo Stop

Why don’t you just take the cardboard you are reading than seating there and looking on the side very obviously lmao

Melchor Pascua

From g2 to g6...screen burn im sure except g2

Shai Jhagru

This guy kicks a lot of open doors in with spattering specs. We all know its ip68 and has a notch. When you say notch you say it like you mean something by it. Man you are biased and this video sucks 13 in a dozen.

Ricardo G.P.

Can you use usb c to hdmi cable with LG G7?


Worst phone what I ever have I like put this shiet on trash

og jenny

Omg i have a stylo 2 plus and it has buttons on the back. I read the buttons on back are here to stay.I refuse to buy any phones with buttons on side. That was a game changer for me. Guess i need to stock up, ugh.

og jenny

Wish they would stop bring out new phones every 6 months or so. Newer phones are almost the same (except for memory) as previous phones. They need to sell only when they are ready.

Binh Nguyen

Look at this smug face, definately an iPhone guy

Garpet Flarpet

With that thumbnail I couldn't not click

john g

I bought the LG G7 today, I previously had the G6. I'm not very tech savvy, not in the least. I was happy with the G6, so I think I'll be happy. I would like to see a video explaining some of the basic settings or more common features. Thanks. John

Ken Fregien

All negative , must work for Apple...lol , dislike

Nick Hoffman

I used the iPhone x and the LG g7, and I'm still using the g7 and it literally puts the iPhone to shame. I like both iPhones and LG phones. The LG g7 has so many customizations like the always on display, the fonts, icons. Literally almost everything is customizable. Maybe try actually using the LG g7 before you make it sound like a Ken doll.

Greg Maggio

Just because everyone and their uncle drives the Honda Accord, doesn't mean that another brand is at the very least different, and in todays world where everyone is turning into a ditto-head, it is quite refreshing, but I digress.

Brayden Cruz

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Ranyodh Sandhuਲਾਟੀਆ

Lg amezing phone thats the true...

Nathaniel Johnson Jr

I've owned this phone for two months (as of my post). This is the best review I've seen any it's completely fair. Good job


Did I just enter the Twilight Zone? The boom box makes the phone "feel hollow". What trash! Hang on to your tinny sounding, faux solid feeling phone then. Even in my cupped hand (normal holding), the volume/tone gets louder and richer and easily competes with dual speakers on my Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P... put it on a table, well... I just throw the Pixel 2 and Nexus in the miscellaneous drawer even though I still got love. NOT a gimmick! Just being honest.