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Ballsweat McGee

Lowlight was alot better in lowlight but s9 had alot better detail and sharpness

Bibek Sarkar

Actually lg has better HDR effect then Samsung

The Blitz

much more stable and detailed night shots by samsung but i love the sound coming from lg. Daytime shots are good enough for both 🙂

Khotta Bogard

the price difference between he G7 and the S9 non plus, is almost 200$ in Costa Rica, it´s a lot, 1/3 more expensive the S9, and the S9+ is almost 50% more expensive, i think i´ll stick to my S7 a little longer, and wait for prices to drop, i hate notches and the absence of headphone jacks.

Ibrahim Ibrahim

S9+ LOSSES in front of The great LG G7+ Thinq and i have the G7

Arpit -

Watching this on my 420$ galaxys9 great value

Oh Nome

G7 has terrible zoom. Cant make out any features at all

Syed Subhan

LG g7 think good camera nice video My phone

Mac Junky

I have the g7 and id like to point out that the shutterspeed is SUPER SLOW. Of course you can go into manual mode and change that but if you want to snap a quick picture of a moving target its gonna be very blurry