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Webster Kollie

Phone looks great. I was able to get a hands on at my local T-Mobile store and I was impressed. I'm thinking about getting that exact same color you got!👍


Squad! Bro I love this phone it’s pretty dope so far

Just Wallace Tech

Nice review, im happy you cleared up the older thoughts on the LG skin.


Throw some wired headphones on and test out that Quad DAC for your boy!


It's an update for the LG 8 for the sound fam. Pump the brakes lol ✌️💯💲😉

392 Silver Bullet

Good stuff sir. As for the cameras, you might as well put that s10e in the box. I've not really heard people talk down on the cameras of LG, but I've not seen it all either lol. Seriously though, you will and should be mind blown with the cameras.

Septien Patterson

What’s exciting about me is that it works...tf is wrong with these tech bloggers??

Bacon Grease

I used it for a day. It was solid. I will stick with my apple/pixel combo for now. But Lg makes a solid phone and people need to quit sleeping
On them!

Hartatac Music

Cut on DTS & set it to side to side the speakers sound much better

Theodoros D.

Can you review the spigen thin fit classic case for the s10 please? Its a super cool case and it makes the bezels look thinner. Nobody did a Video about it so I can't see how it looks. I would be really happy if you do! Thanks 🙂

Shae Carter

I just did a jump to this phone from my galaxy s10e and I'm actually in love with this phone. I'm very surprised with it


LG has been getting alot of hate lately

Fernie Flores

Lg G8 or S10
Would like to see a speed test with these two

Dark VadeR

LG V50 That phone I need to see. pass on this.

Curtis C

Pixel 3XL lags all the time, freezes on me when I open YouTube up while maps is open. Slowest feeling phone I've had in maybe 3 years.

Might look at getting the G8

Sean Barnes

But Samsung has a ton of settings, as well...

To answer his question, people hate LG bc it doesn't say Samsung or iPhone......

Travis Kenyon

Then pixel is the device to lean to, camera A++, stock android, fast updates, and stereo speakers 😂