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Modz .H

Man I kike your reviews. But Lg not good at there camera at all I get Lg g7 its very bad really bad, I am looking to switch to pixel or samsung

Eivind A.

Good video.
I like the design of the rear cameras with absolutely no hump.
Looks elegant, just like the Essential phone.

ali bashir

Hi got my g8 with cleercase and 🎧 in box i shot the unboxing. You can check

Miguel Angel Ancira

I hate all top phones have OLED screen, y prefer LCD screen in G series


Man I really like your approach to the reviews, no BIAS always on point and you do your homework before talking, real reviews

Jeremiah Gonzales

Camera comparison, video and audio comparison please!!!!

Tony Pazo

LG G8 ThinQ is a Really Great Phone i'm glad you got this in House Easy ! ( in Da Building! )


If u have any LG before the V40 turn off auto HDR. Its processing is garbage.

Jordan Nealy

Got the LG g7 for 250 BEFORE the release of the g8. It's 64 gig, unlocked grey color... I freaking steal


I have the G3, G6 and G7. Great phones nothing wrong with LG.

Corey Allum

Had 2 6's black and platinum. I did not have the lg g7. Now I am ready for the g8 but maybe the v50. I had the v30 as opposed to the lg g7. Wonderful stuff from lg. Good video and a very different video in which nobody does. I love that keeping it different as opposed to other reviewers. Keep it up.

Dado D.R.

No one,no one can match lg audio and video capabilities,Lg phones are king of multimedia.

James Marrero

I like my LG G6 but they should already be supplying 4000 Mah batteries to support those screens. What battery pack do you guys recommend? Did any of you LG G6 owners get the pie update yet. I don't think it's coming and im thinking of getting the LG V30

the most loved and hated all at once

Watching from my lgg g7

Retrograde Beats

Lg makes good phones, just not great phones.

СНС Богдан

iPhone is best . My iPhone 6 is better than LG G8 and LG G9


Im still runnning on g6 and its good device even in 2019

Alan Thompson

Can I still double tap the screen to wake it up like my trusty g4? My favorite LG feature lol

Vishal Kumar

LG G6 Owners Make This Comment Proud 👍💪

Osa Omoragbon

Wonder if there is anything wrong with the G7 'cause alot of places are selling it for cheap. For a 2018 phone, it feels like grave yard robbery.

Rubin lopez

Love my lg g8. But hinestl5after much much careful thinking. I shouodve gotten the lg g7 for half the price on eBay. Actually less thab half about 250 bucks

Nige Turner

Great video. I'm still rocking a G6, but i'm due to upgrade in sept/oct time, the G8 looks a good bet, and the price maybe cheaper by then