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That's pretty good. The phone does have dark mode Though.

Hartatac Music

When I'm not at home all day constantly on it it's great listening to music & YouTube here & there some Google maps still come out with about 30% ending at 6 o'clock

What'sapp Status

I have changed the iPhone battery but Same problem after chaging the battery

Plz tell me what problem

And Solution

What'sapp Status

Why my iPhone 5s becomes heatup while charging

Pla tell me the reason

David Martrano

If you can purchase the LG G8 for 620.00 I say buy it. A very good display, cameras & battery at 3500mamp. Plus for the audiophile's in the crowd the 32bit DAC is the absolute best when using headphones! Great price...

Maxwell Adams

It has a dark mode Yes -
Settings > Accessibility > Vision > High contrast screen


That's great battery life. Seems like an all around good phone, and still with a headphone jack

Rafael Perez

This is great Tony! Good to know!! 😁👍

Mason U

You have any nova launcher tutorials? Oh by the way great video!😀