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他の所もそうだけど、カメラは光学手ブレ補正とかあるから画素数だけでは判断できないんだよねー 。ここ勘違いしている外国人は多い。

Jesmar Delica

Why is it that the creator of this video is trying hard to make LG look way better by intentionally missing out a lot of Sony's good features? Anyways. I'll always pick Sony at the end of the day.

vicky Leaks

Don’t buy lg I bought lg g3 with in 14 months mother board gone and my phone is dead

jun Tad

1000$??? what the ... !!!! NO NO sONy... Winner is LG G8.

Ap3x StyLo

im from malaysia, i choose sony...
bcoz sony is better


Fake. sony has best camera and 960fps not 30fps


This channel doesn't know features of Sony xperia 1. Best mobile is xperia 1.

Oluayo Emmanuel

So if I may ask you, the 4K display of a mobile 📱 phone ie ( Xperia 1 ) at all times is nothing to you and the screen is the world's first 4K OLED not just OLED.

eric jones

I'm waiting for my carrier Sprint for the LG G8 ThinQ , bring it on.

Masr Atrak

Lg 8 like sony xz premium. Sony is beyond the future


Many people buy sony for quality my XZ is 2 yrs old now never used a case on it dropped it so many times nothing but minor scratches runs the same way as the day I got it

Troy Truong

Both are great phones. Sony failed in size n design. Too long n ugly! Deal breaker. G8 wins. Sony deserves to be bankrupt! 7 years with no good phones. Always have poor n ugly design.


The one who made this vid is dumb. Sony is 4k oled. And how is gorilla 6 & 5 is a tie?. And the LG has 2 cameras not 3? Such a Sony hater

Muhammad مـحمـد

This channel is lie.
Look at the left some times G8 and some times S10 in same video

Tuấn Phạm Minh

Gollia Glass 5 = Gollia Glass 6??? I don't thing it

yogesh saini

Oooo sir ji Sony ka es rs m Xperia xA 1 ultra aata h us rs nd mob k sat compair Karo... 😡 😡 Tab btana konsa batter h


I got the info that Xperia cannot charge wireless?