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Subham 4151

Good move by LG ......after all everybody learns from their mistakes...😊😊😊😊

Toeffee Rovembe

So uhh... What's the chipset on this thing? Or does this model/series focus on cameras? (I'm not used to LG products yet.)

Amandeep Singh

It's a Trap!!! Don't buy this Shit.
Go for LG V30+ or budget phones like Mi, ASUS, Samsung M20 or M30 & OnePlus "Smartphones"

Soheil Dehbashi

3gb ram is low amount of ram in 2019 for an android phone

Gtech Pakistan

LG please do something for my LG G6 give me some lighter ui please...

Marcelo Henrique

Esse vai ser meu próximo celular ❤️

Vinay Sharma

Looking at bezels and specs, it looks like Everyone is in 2019 and LG is living in 2018.


people nowadays would be like eww just one rear camera??


엘지님 한번만 4.7인치급 폰 만들어주시면 안될까요 ㅠ

Yuvraj Singh

Why is LG releasing 2017 phones in 2019? 🙄

Tanmay Goyal

Do anything... But i can assure all you that this phone is not going to sell a single unit

Victor Versace

This is how the LG STYLO 5 is going to be like likely. 📱📱📱📱📱

Rae Ramirez

Dammit LG. I just got the LG v40... always behind... always! Haha


The K40 Is a good smartphone but the success in the market will depend from the price. The only error for a device with its specs is the small RAM: 2 GB is too little. 👍👍👍

Хаvier Henry

Y'all do realize that this is a budget phone right?

Techz Kanishk

My groceries from Walmart were more expensive, LOL😂

Kumar Ramalingam

Please do more advertising and more aggressive pricing to stay in the industry.

LG, we know you are the leader in the innovations but it's always underrated because of your poor advertising.

Please do more advertising everywhere across the globe.

Please change your UI for mobile phones and give regular updates also.

I'm a big big fan of you.

Please don't go down.

Come back stronger than ever.

Culinary Walk

Lg mobile please dont stop releasing phone in Indonesia

Ims Meran

LG, where I can buy LG smartphone in Malaysia ?

Samuel Nabau Anom

Belum menyerah ternyata, kalau mau laku bikin dong hp gaming tapi harganya entry level.

Henry Windsor Rurikovich

An awesome introduction 😀

doneld trumpet

Finally the notch trend slowly disappear...

AB Siddik

I know its has 2.0 ghz but tell me the chipset you fools

Power Kores

It was supposed to be a smartphone ad. Don't know how many 16 mp camera buyers out here ...🤣🤣🤣


Should've released earlier cuz I already bought a temporary budget phone from Huawei :/