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Bryson Bridges

my screen is broke and my finger print don't work nomo

Noel Negron

The main focus of this phone is being achieved with some good features... fingerprint scanner, 1080p, 16mp rear camera, 4100mAh battery, microUSB but fast charging included, ruggedness but not completely ugly and for the price? I think this is a well executed device.

Viktor Chernov

This phone only for AT&T? No Global version?

Luis Tapia

my first phone was actually a lg optimus fuel and im planning to get this phone

Webster Kollie

For $300 you can get the G5 or even the S7 no thanks...

James Harris

Great overview about this phone. Best one on YouTube. Thanks.

Bryson Bridges

lies all show y'all a pic of my lg x venture rn I dropped it and my camera broke

Martin Lopez

Yall if you like to take pictures and videos dont get this phone! Its like 1 frame per second


How can it be an active phone with nothing covering the USB?

Spooky Action

Can I place this phone on the round charger?


i think they used the normal usb because it's the most common type of usb

charger rumble6

I have this phone and just wanted to see if it was good

joshua brandstetter

Its a great phone on it right now