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Stig Ove A. Gisnås

Question! Today, the xperia xz1 compact is a lot cheapee than the g7 at my local store. Is the xz1 more phone for the money if cheaper than g7? And isn't the camera better on the xz1?

shawn cypret

It's not a big enough upgrade from the Moto G6 so I probably rather go with the Moto G6 and for that price I'll just get a Moto one

Rohit Gupta

G7 series is overpriced and meh at best. Only the Plus model holds some value if Stereo speaker, 27W Adapter and OIS is the priority. Other than that Samsung, Nokia, Asus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi all provide better value than Moto G7 series for the same price.


Moto have stock android 👍👑

Sean Burns

Ah i thought we would see a quick flash of a photo of you with hair

Tone 720

So not a great deal of an upgrade from the G6 then?

Randy Weaver

My wife and I have both had a g6 for the past 7 or 8 months. She upgraded to the Galaxy s10+ and I will be going with the G7 Power when it is released here next week. She already regrets not waiting for the Power and saving like $700.

Linn Drum

You're better off spending £40 extra on the G7 Plus.


Is there a video in where he shares about his wallpapers?

Ziad Hesham

I have a 720p res on a 5.7 inch screen so I go with the G7 POWER for its crazy battery great review 👍👍👍


For the £230 lenovos asking, I'd rather get an A grade refurbished lg v30! Better camera, SD835, the quad dac is great and it was the best battery life for 2018!! Can also get battery cases for £30 that makes the phone last like 3 days at a festival


The inability to have Dolby Audio switched off while using USB earphones/DAC/dongle is the reason I won't buy Motorola phones amymore. Dolby Audio ruins any sound coming out from earphones.

Prashant Karmacharya

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can do the power. the battery is great but it has a 720p screen. The plus is too close to the regular G7. in order for the plus to be worth it they need to upgrade the battery to at least 4000 mah.

Zwixel YT

Should I buy the Z3 play or the G7 plus? For the same price. I'm not really interested in the Moto mods.

nineteen sevenseven

It's become TOO BIG for my taste.
Loved all generations until the G5.
Won't buy it bc of the phablet-size.

Hunwunsrun Srajwaj

moto g 7 ?? don't waste your money buy honor 10 lite

Matt Sidford

Chris could you lets us know whether your a show pony flag ship or small hauler budget blower guy? Also share some of your thoughts on how to set up any android to run smoothly, for example do a run Nova launcher, reduce animations, camera tricks etc.


I want 5" screen phone, i have short hands

Jam Slam

I feel like I'm watching a WW2 movie with that Nazi accent.