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Terry Ting

You should review Asus Zenfone max pro m 2

Superbowler Studios

Hi, should I buy a 2015 MacBook air with a Charger for $400?. It is on the latest software but has scratches on the bottom. Should I get it for $400?


The main reason the Nextbit Robin didn't get Oreo was because Razer bought Nextbit and just didn't care about the Robin.

Manic Mobile 2004

This looks a lot like the NoPhone. You know, that toy phone for “cell phone addicts.”

D Tay

Your doing this on purpose, u can get your hands on a nexbit Robin but no galaxy Note fe 🤣


Worst OEMs for updates (outside Google):
Motorola (for their stock-like skins)

Everything except for OnePlus, Nokia (Android One)


please clean the phone when u review it...thanks

Bailey Conneran-weig

1:02 a smart watch with 32GB of storage?! This guy REALLY gets his facts wrong a lot 😬

Justin-S the wolf lover

Can you do a review on the Samsung galaxy a50

Ban Fox Sin

I am gona buy one just because i want a phone with bug bezzels

Blue milk. Ive plenty!

I had a mint coloured one of these. Great phone in concept but terrible to actually use day to day. Went straight back to Apple as mine just didn't run that well and used loads of data when it was putting apps in the cloud or reloading them. Very often they would fail too and get stuck on down/upload.

Allan Gil 31

They probably stopped updating it since Razer bought the company


I bought mine when when they were dumping them. The phone works ok if you're a light user and expectations aren't too high. The battery life sucks and you can feel the phone get hot when the load gets high. The camera really sucks. I got rid of it mainly because of the 🥔 camera.

Debi Permadi

my mom still using it
for normal user, not for gaming or any heavy use
this phone still legit
especially that unique design
my favorite ever