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Gabe Gabe

I really like Samsung pay. I live downtown in Chicago and having the ability to pay with my phone if I forget my wallet or debit card at home gives me more confidence than when I had my iPhone X. I miss my iPhone though, mostly because of the much better camera support on social media apps. Snapchat and Instagram suck ass android unless you have a Google pixel.

Anthony h

OnePlus reminds me of when Lexus first started. Offer the luxury that the German brands had at a lower cost+reliability.

Anthony h

I'm a OnePlus 6 owner and I'd say that OnePlus phones are the most future proof Android phones, even more than the Pixel phones because of the hardware specs (more RAM)

Giorgos Kotsakis

in my country s10e costs 520 euros. So I wonder how this comparison makes sense


But India both are of same price. So which one is better if you are paying save money

The Tech Hive

I have a tech channel and some support would mean a lot to me

Spencer Pelton

I was about to drive to best buy and get the s10e. The oneplus 7 came out at 10am and I ordered it by 12. Can't pass up on a much better phone for less money.


S10e is one hand operable and it wins by that

Omar wesam

In my country Iraq the s10e is priced only $ 490 😂😂💔 wich i'm going to pay

USS Kitty

Sold my S10+ and picked up the 7 Pro. This phone is a beast I'm loving it

anyeg2010 aerobics 2019

What on Earth are you speed mumbling through? I had to restart about five times and still haven't clue which phone you are rating over the other.

Shawn Williams

This was the comparison I was waiting for, great review.


Nice comparison video, but it seems solely based on price, since the proper size equivalent of the OP 7 Pro would be the Galaxy S10+ or even S10 5G.
IMO most consumers who are potential S10e buyers would have little interest in the bigger, heavier, less-one-hand-friendly 7 Pro.


Oneplus 7 pro beats sd855 s10...fuck me for getting the even slower exynos version

Adam Smith

One Plus is better for one reason: unlockable bootloader. After Samsung looses support it will become a brick where as the One Plus will be getting the newest version of Android from XDA.

MetroIsHere YT

Lol imagine the oneplus 7 pro compare to the the iphone 5 se


Caption on and it says s10 ( different thing everytime than e)

P Sd Sd

Dude nice video, but here in Greece s10e costs around 440 euros, s10 (590€) and the oneplus 7pro about 800. Also s10e has the Dex mode so you can make your phone a pc on the go. In this time of the year i think that the Samsung s10e is a far better option if you want a top notch phone on a budget.

Riza Rahim

People who don't show off buys oneplus😎

te547s -'N4x23

I don't know what to choose. $699 7pro or $550 s10e?

W Dudink

I can get the s10e for €480 new. Is that the better choice then?

Shareef Naeem

This isn't a fair comparison, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus should be compared to this phone, not the S10e

miki swordbreaker

Going for s10e all the way...complete features with a sized that fits my preference...op7 pro kinda too big for me...and lacking features...90hz screen does not somewhat impress me...hey simple alpaca...can you do comparison between the s10e and iphone x (not the xs)...

Julien Mariani

Could you make a comparison of how netflix works on s10e, s10, iphone, pixel... thank you

Montadar Almasseri
to make for simple for u :-S10e is the best phone when it comes to the size without any doubt . one plus is uncomfortably huge .the screen on both phones are great u can't go wrong with any of them they're the best in the market , but the oneplus 90hz screen is smooth and awesome.battery is for oneplus for sure even if u use 90hz refresh rate it's still better than s10e but not that much > s10 can stay 5-6 hours on screen time and oneplus is 6-7 hours .S10e has headphone jack and micro sd card… Read more »

Definitely I'd probably wait for maybe the next deal.


No SD card is a deal breaker for me.I like having my stuff available 24/7,not only when I have data or wifi on,and certainly I don't trust cloud services.Also I like transfering my stuff quickly from old phone to new one fast.Also 64GBs of sd card cost like 20 euros which is nothing whereas most clouds cost more.

Akash Hasan Auyon

Oxygen OS is very well optimized for battery life. Even with 90Hz it beats S10.


What you are seeing the 7 pro being the faster better much more fluid performance is strictly comes down to the 90hrtz refresh rate. That alone makes it the best, most fast fluid device on the entire market right now to include better than apple too. It simply is almost impossible to see any type of slow down as web pages even load almost twice as fast.

Zulficar Ali

This is a very fair comparison n also similar prices

Aaditya Chouhan

No Ip rating
No headphone jack
No expandable storage.
Whereas s10e has it all.