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Romain Provost

Pixel 3a vs s9 for vidéo at day and night please 🙂

Landslide Rider

Does anybody know which one has better battery life?


I like pixel 3a ... Give me pixel 3a

David Kwaku Wireko

Apple has too much pumpkin tones on your face.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jagadish K

Dude stop praising apple. Compare the price

Hunter B

Look at that man sitting on the bench in the background at 3:14 smh

Jamil Johnson

x r Apple did a good job with this camera but pixel 3 a is $350 less so pixel win any way.

Bhaskar Yadav

You are very good I know this is a phone video but latest video of yours so plsssss. Try fimi x8 se drone as you have done review of many drones pls fan request pls

Yi-hsiu Lee

OMG photos shot by the Pixel 3a are so pretty, just like the ones you see on the magazines!

stinking Mutation198
hello Dear authentech,which smartphone have the BEST camera in $261 ? i am searching on Ebay for refurbished OR ''open box'' condition for $261 i found only Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel ? Which one should i take ? do you have any other better suggestion in this Budget? i saw tons of your videos and still it's really hard to make a decision. (S7 comes with 2K screen and wider angle while the Google Pixel comes with better HDR and better low light quality=more details. ). my main reason for buying this phone is for Time lapse videos in… Read more »
Will Newcomb

Very close! I agree that the XR is a tad better. Unusual finding a YouTube reviewer who agrees!!!

gurnihal brar

personally the iphone xr is a complete package , good photos with very good video

Jose Ruiz Valbuena

The iPhone XR has wider field of view in the rear camera and I think that's why the zoom is not as good as the Pixel 3a

Ace Lucero

The photos on the Pixel at amazing. It all falls apart on video though.

Reid Nachtegaele

I think iphone has had those more red/orange look on all their new iphone X's cameras.


good video, although i would have focused more on photos. yes, the Iphone takes far better videos than the pixel, but I personally think that the pixel beats out the Iphone in photo mode. You didn't even really touch on the photos, you just showed a few side by sides for like .05 seconds each and didn't actually compare them XD. Anyway, I love most of your videos and plan to continue watching. cheers 😉

I Shot Blanks

Iphone Dynamic range alone is worth it...

Radu Verdes

Apple colours unnatural and HDR pretty fake and exaggerated.

Bl Chitu

As an iPhone user I say Pixel 3a won hands down

James 007

Looking at price tag ... Its not even a fair comparision...

You are my rock.

audio sounds like trash on the Pixel. Pixel has the better still shots, but the iPhone has overall better package due to video recording being leaps and bounds better.

An Borei

For price is pixel but camera and speed is iPhones xr

Saurav Ghosh
What's personal preference? The saturation has to be as close as possible to the real world scene. Too saturated is bad, under saturated is bad as well. You were there, your eyes saw the scene, only you can say which camera out of these two was able to produce the natural colours in the photos, no one else can. Just by looking at the photos it looks to me though as if the XR is outputting a way more saturated approach compared to the 3a, but I can't be proper judge of that as I was not present there.I disagree… Read more »
Inquisitve m

I’ve been reading reports that after you shoot in 4K video and try to play it back in the phone, it doesn’t play or freeze

Phaneng Phaneng

woah pixel 3a... i used to hate this phone idk why but now i wanna have it


This year iPhone killed every phone in terms of camera. Huge improvement.

pat cola

Pixel 3A got this. iPhone colors seem washed out.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

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Eduardo Rocha

overall, iphone camera wins. but i really hate the OS and prices from Apple. So i would choose the 3a.

i dont really need over the top image quality for social media. most people just want photos for instagram, snapchat, facebook.

Peregrine Slim

The white balance is far too warm on the XR. Things may pop, but it is just wrong.

Aditya Nur Azizi Yasin

been using red XR for a month. its just great. the SOT got 8-10 hrs 👀🙃 the video quality of Iphone undoubted...... sorry samsung fans Lol 🙂 xr has really great value for money! Alhamdulillah

Fernando Castillo

Has anyone noticed the green tint on the iPhone's videos?