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셍세이 하

I still have no money to get this phone :''(

sai pawan perumalla

Very nice bro... When I get stable update for that?


Ani-motion Baby... And then it occurred to me, the future is now 👊✌️

Steve Worman

That is great. I'm still waiting for the last stable update on mine. Disappointing

Shaurya Pathak

will the new update have an ambient display that actually works?

Anfaal Obaid Waafy

You already gave a teaser by posting yesterday 😂, why are you doing this bro?

Papabless Papabless

I luv it too but am on the stable rom 🤷🏿‍♂️


will work only when you connect the charger for first time (for now).

Pepe The Frog

Bro are the touch issues gone in this beta ROM


Why i dint get the 10.3.4 update it will take how much time ? for europe France ? do you have any info ?

Paulo Sebrero

Is that a spigen case or kapaver case? thanks and nice vid as well 🙂


Can you give the link of your screen guard and the case

Pawan Kumar

It's a theme which You can download... And theme name is pie pro p10. Like it you u got it

xiaomi lover

OMG. i watched the mi 9 review and that charging animation stole my eye. It was just amazing. And im soooo happy it came for the Poco f1. Cant wait for it to come via OTA and blow my friends away with it. ITS PRETTY DAMN DOPE😎. thank you bro for showing that otherwise i wouldn't have known it was coming for Poco f1.

Lucas Natson

Looks cool, but i still waiting for that notification icons :l

usman abdulkadir

Wow that's Amazing this phone is getting better and better