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Ricardo Watkins

hi J.Wiliams can you do review on umidigi x and elephone u2 plz

Sean Parker

In your opinion I have an Htc u12 , lg g7 lg g8 which is your prefence

Sean Parker

Out of g7 and g8 I rocking the raspberry rose g7


Which phone should I get oneplus 7 pro or pixel 3axl? I want good camera and performance?

First LastName3

J. Williams I am going to use the Note 10, it wipes the OnePlus 7 on camera, I am going to use the Pixel 4...LMAO, J. Williams you certainly ain't buying all these phones bro. Whoever send you one, you rave, then a cloth company and you review OnePlus 7 again.

You ain't ever buying 3 phones, its freebies,

Be honest with your subscribers

David Morgan

David Barbados your are my favorite tech youtube because you till it like it not like some others that are in the pockets of the big brands.


J you drinking that coffee in the very beginning almost made me click off right then 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Slap you in the face and pull out your bible hahahaha #ReplayCrew


Hey J, Try the Xperia 1 again bro. I'm absolutely loving it and I have the US version and Havent had any issues with the video length. They have updated the Rom as well to fix others issues and the prices have dropped significantly on eBay (where I got mine), Swappa, and other sights.

nick johnson

Hey awesome live video dose have HD + voice control raise to ear


First time watching your live video. I really enjoyed the commentary.

Mali Dan

That was engrossing, the big cats ain't producing content like this 👍🏿


Axon 7? Had to make a guess on the camera u were using 😂👊 The 90 hz thing is a chrome issue...The last update it's only running on 60...I downgraded chrome now it's working fine at 90hz.


Off the charger I get about 16 to 18 hours