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I’ve got to say you’ve proved to me the G8’s lagniappe makes it the better buy.

Bob Coco
love to see how we can be "fanboyly biased" by reading the comments, from "The S10 killed it" to the exact opposite xD It was a good match videowise, to me the G8 was generally better, yet sometimes the S10+ gives + details... Audiowise, the G8 is superior, yet it struggles with gain, your voice was harshy af , I think it would of been recorded perfect with lower volume (or speaking a little more away from it), while the S10+ has better dynamic range but lower quality, depth & definition. It's a trade of, but the G8 gives the better… Read more »
AMBEE 2772

The G8 really impressed me this year. However the 6.1 inch display is too small for me in order to replace my s9+. Maybe I should wait for the G9 or V60.


They really go back and forth. The inside of the flowers was blown out in the video on the S10 where the G8 kept the inside detailed. S10 stabilization won but G8 retained better detail and contrast.

G8 front facing camera handled the light better but looked blurry with no detail.

Stills went back and forth. The S10 handles the neon lights better but the G8 nails the contrast and tone. It would be interesting to see 100% crops of each since that's where LG phone generally fall apart...especially with fine details like hair.

Eivind A.
That sound of the LG, I think it's really bad.Sounds kinda like as if treble is put on max, and then some. Makes my ears bleed, almost.Picture quallity of the phones, I'm not sure to be honest, exept for the front facing cams. The S10 is better.I have to mention, the Galaxy S10+...I don't like the phone, and that's the first time since the S5 that I don't like the S-series.It feels to light, kinda cheap. And I also think the curves on the edges of the screen are way to eazy touching by accident. The fingerprint in the screen...👎The… Read more »

7:51 Other than the lens flare off the parking lot lights in wide mode, LG is pretty damn good. The audio had more fidelity on the G8. 6:43 When the parking lot light was hidden behind your head, each phones stopped washing out the image.

Antonio Gómez Bañuelos

The audio 🔉 in the S10+ ... Is so bad

wilson ndebay

You guys are doing well making us to understand how our individual devices are compared to others. I'm using the S10 Plus and I'm pretty much satisfied with the cameras in almost all lighting conditions. But because it doesn't have a dedicated night mode, you sometimes lose on how you want your picture to look in certain night time photos. Samsung is just being stubborn on this.

Samuel Josias Hazaïa

Good video comparison. Both are good in low light camera. But for me it depends of your own preference. Brighter and oversaturated on s10 plus or more realistic and natural and sometimes cold on the lg G8. But I noticed something about Samsung photo. When you look a picture shooted by samsung phones on the computer, it seems very different of what you look on their screens.

Michael Klym

I'd say both cameras perform pretty much the same. Only some tiny differences with saturation and brightness. Audio goes to the g8

Yader Trundle

Happy Birthday Eric, Nice video LG the best.


Reading these comments and it's obvious that better is only a matter of option. Some say LG and some say Samsung. And the winner's are Both. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

reese matlock

LG wins again. Yeah this clip did it for me. Im officially upgrading to the G8!

Alvaro Mady

Do you know any gcam with night sight for V30+

Chee Thao

LG just needs to give us the option to 100% turn off beautification and that front camera will be amazing. Even when you turn it all the way down it still smudges your skin and makes it look terrible.

Kevin Bryant Sr.

What's say I wanted to be nice And let's say I give you the win for camera on the LG by the slimmest of margins, The Samsung is still a far superior phone.

Front camera video goes to the s10 plus. Seems sharper. Still pictures are even but I like the color of the LG G8. I like that is not as bright and retain that night time feel. Not really a big fan of night mode like from the pixel. It makes it brighter than it should and picture quality is sub par. If I have to take a dark picture, I rather turn on the flash. It helps maintain details. Seem like the LG G8 audio is better now. Honestly I like them both.
Timothy Coleman

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10+ looks the best is the best. Love Samsung they #1 in the world proud to be a Samsung Fan boy

Juan Aaron Vila Pichler

Nice video, LG8 saturate greens colors and yellow, S10+ saturate reds. S10+ has more lights in video and photos. Check your sound with the guarantee, the S10+ has 2 mics and sounds much better in video, much stronger than yours does. Cheers


Bruh the lowlight front facing video camera is absolutely better on the s10+. I will take the slightly washed out look on the s10 over the less detailed and clarity of the the G8.

The RaRa85

Heck of a comparison and most people won't give LG the credit they deserve but as unhyped the G8 was, it's a beast in the camera department this year. But where did you get that custom skin on the S10+? I need to know.

Gino Peñaflor

Wow. The s10 plus demolished my lg g8. I feel sad now 🙁

Dr. donna Walter

Thank you for the video.

It seemed to me to be fairly close with the LG giving more natural results.

I am not partial to either brand but am partial to my wallet — in which case the LG comes out on top.

Jamil Johnson

That case for s 10 look great tell me were did get such a case.

Damian Pascale

Awesome review and confirms my own findings comparing the 2.

remo5678 remo

LG G8 & Google Pixel 3 series both shares same camera Sony IMX 363 Exmor RS senor. So King of camera


LG did really well with natural colors and better white balance. However I noticed in the back cam video comparison the LG had some noticable video suttering and the S10 did not.

Joshua Albert

I don't think anyone one although Samsung to me has an edge over the LG. The hardware seems to be better but needs lil software tweaks. LG has really improved though. Did you use the new night mode on the S10+? And do you think the audio is actually better on the G8? It sounds louder but needs to work on surrounding noise

Bill Feinberg

That was a lot of fun! Thanks Eric. I have the G8 and think that the s10 won several rounds. So close however. Thanks for putting in the work...not that Eazy to do.

waqas nadeem

I think lg have done a great job with the lg G8. Way to good then S10 plus

Raj Sahab

Lg g8 has better clarity and colors but its jittery when shooting the lights.