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easy fix just put on rice and the cracked screen will go away

Lps Cozmo ajpw

My brother droped his phone in the toilet 😂😂😂

Noyzie_froz3n Barker

Samsung owners James Charles just kissed u get a Apple iPhone to undo

1000 subscribers without any videos

Watching on my s8

Stephen Manuel

Why did you use 2 different Samsung phones for the water test?

Christian Anaks

hi guys! I need some clarification regarding my s8. the model number & IMEI of the phone is different from the one on the back glass.

about phone: sm g950u
backglass: sm-g950f

what does this mean?

Chaska Martin

My Samsung s7 is freaking out when a little water came in side it when charging

kimmi og abdi potet

I love Samsung. I have galaxy watch and galaxy buds and samsung s8

-Luna Moon-

U should change your name to everything Samsung pro

Only._ Timmy

U coulda gave tha phone away I would took it 😂😂


Every since the first time of getting my new s8 wet several months ago it gives me a constant water on charger alert and won't allow me to plug cords into the port. Thankfully it has wireless charging.

Oliver Webb

Name is everyapplepro but his t shirt is samsung

Toni-Ann Mills

And this is y I'm an Android user 🗣

Michael Munroe

the time u take doing that u should be giving the poor no ofense

iiMano_Law RBLX

Samsung chilling with spongebob lmao.

Howard Agoi

Everything apple pro and your wearing an apple shirt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Typically Mia

This is when the ppl on tik tok and just in general should stop making fun of android/Samsung


iPhones are ugly
They always have been
Never been as good
And from the s8 they removed the home button apple still had it on the 8
S8 still has fingerprint and face recognition
iPhone 8 has fingerprint but no face recognition until the iphone x but no fingerprint
S10 has face recognition and fingerprint built into the screen display
Samsung has better camera quality
Therefore samsung is better

ele putlang

Forget the phone and let's talk about the guy's good look and his body🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Everything apple pro-
Puts a not water proof phone in deep water
Doesn’t work

Flav Playz

it's funny cuz half of the people in the comments are like I'm watching this on a Samsung s8

Silver Phoenix

Update your damn galaxy s8 bro, the old feature is mildlyinfuriating.