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HaSnain Ali

No body:
Absolutely No Body:

Samsung: THE WALL!

Tristan Phoenix-Walton

Samsung is the best of the best!

Anonymous Viewer

Didn’t some cartoon in the 90s predict that a tv would be a picture.

Mohamed Algml

Quantum!! Don't use these terms unless you really mean it...

Papi chulo Nain Ramírez

Build that wall in my home Samsung


Parents : "You broke the vase? Now stand in the wall corner"
Kids : "My pleasure"

G Juszczyk

Donald Trump: Nobody builds walls better than me
Samsung: Hold my backlight


So......yall want to make a wall AFTER the Night King made his way through? ITS TOO LATE!!!

Dexter Diamond

That's a portrait that can turn int a tv! Each day I'm forgetting that Apple even exists

G. Meza

Samsung: Lets build the wall
Trump: Wanna bet?

Mz Mz

If the night watch used this wall, im sure the night king wont destroyed the wall.

kevin j.

The wall is going to fill up my electricity bill... Never thought you'd see that sentence did you, welcome to the future


This is only for crazy rich people now,but I think in the future all TV will be like this.

vasudev Karwasra

Make mr. Rahul dravud your brand ambassador for this the wall project and see what happens in India

Dimitris_playz 01

Samsung is the best company! Very impressive! All the samsung devices I bougth are very good and worth it and I'll continue getting samsung devices.

Grant Anderson

Has this product exploded or ahem folded and been recalled yet?

Subramaniam Iyer

We can start a theatre at home and charge people to watch YouTube movies.

A.J. Deutsch

You can Samsung your life.
Appliances, Samsung
Phone, Samsung
Watch, Samsung
Computer, Samsung
Your wall , Samsung