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Hayk Avetisyan
Sony needs only few things — 1. Improvement of marketing, ensuring the availability of its phones at least at the minimum variety of models; 2. Using more possibilities the company has (more battery, more RAM, more internal memory, more megapixels). The substantiation of my words is Samsung which has internal memory 1TB; Apple with the same characteristics. Some brands have 8 GB of RAM and over 4000 MAh battery. Why Sony doesn't want to utilize its power in such areas for me is nonsense. Sony please know for sure — many smartphone buyers who don't care the brand chose their phone based… Read more »
Saber Kchikech

Just got mine yesterday, this phone has the best display ever!

DJ's game play channel telugu

It's better sony to collide with Samsung for better ui for this long chocolate bar like structure phone

قناة برامج الاندرويد 2

Huawei mate 20x vs iphon 7 plus please


The iFanBoy comes out subtly in every one of your videos lol, when it's not overt.

Naveed Akhtar

It's an Amazing smartphone, excellent display, Amazing battery life easy 6 to 7 hrs screen on time over a period of a day and a half. Barebone Android is the way to go. Camera is excellent too

Parker Bhramacharimayum

About that sim tray...it hardly breaks so chill

Sulaiman Khan

Sony maximize battery and ship stock android then u will be in market

Olaseni Sogaolu

Looks like a remote controller from back in the day; height-wise.

Mike Pelekanos

The S10 plus is way better. this phone is garbage there is nothing on it to justify its high price I ordered it off Amazon and tried it out for a day and I did not like it whatsoever. Additionally the battery is horrible I could literally see the battery draining with my own eyes going down when I was looking at the battery percentage in the status bar.

Chicken Fried Corgi

when 170g is a light phone now :P. If ppl want a light flagship, the s10 family is pretty dang light overall, outside of the ceramic s10+

Abdulkareem M. Zurmi

Have you had any issues with the camera interface or the camera itself???

michael azuris agustin

Doest it have led notification?

Marco Saltarello

great smartphone ... excellent display👍

Angel Montes Ambriz

1:57 "Doing finger curls" same thing I said to my girl 😏

tamer wolf

If you want to be special guy you should get this phone I'm really liked this sony phone

Binod 128

I just discovered that the centre lens doesn't come in use at all ...the bottom acts as wide angle lens while the top doubles as regular as well as telephoto

Amano Yuuji

Right now Xperia 1 is the only phone with 21:9 aspect ratio

Lionel B

I received mine a week ago and couldn't be happier, the aspect ratio makes it quite tall, but everything is great from the screen to the pictures it takes and even battery life. 2 days is easily reachable for me.

Darren Evans

It's 2m pixels short of 4k at 6.3m pixels. 4k is 8.3m.......25percent less than 4k. It's a lie and will not be noticeable over 2k on other phones. Battery is shocking with more pixels for same viewing experience and far less screen time. Ridiculous.

Jerry Berglund

I think the screen is showing 60hz in normaluse, but if games needs it, the screen cranks up to 120Hz.

Roberto A

The things software can do man. Sony provides the camera for the iPhone yet its own cameras aren’t top notch lol


one thing for sure what i really notice when i receive this phone is top quality display, color is really great natural and accuracy is great. you can tell the gradation color, not really overcontrast or oversaturation. i was using note 9 and still having it but sony xperia 1 in term of display is beyond a head...
i love watching movies and playing game, trust me since i have this phone i almost never using my laptop or my monitor to watch movies...demn really spechless

Brootis Rinzler

For all my Sony Xperia 1 owners...download the app Reachability

Hey Nick...where did you get the screen protector 🤔

Muhammad Kharismawan

Man, you have big hands indeed... It looks like an average small phone on yours.

Nick Ackerman

Sony Xperia 1 Full Review! Share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and enjoy the review 🙂

Sir Goofynoodles

Can you start making your videos in more of a 16:9 aspect ratio


You should do a durability test, because it looks like Jerryrigeverything is skipping this phone and testing some Nokia phone no one will buy instead...

Candy Candy Girl

Sony is the best of the best (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Le Miz

Gotta be an absolute Sony fanboy to like this phone.


PLEASE link me to the tempered glass screen protector you are using please.

Adaptive brightness makes the display brighter in direct sunlight as compared to adaptive brightness being off. Most people don't know this. The display and camera's manual mode experience is incredible. I think it charges quickly as well and offers plenty of features for the price. Wireless charging also doesn't work due to the battery care feature. It feeds a signal to the charger to turn off. I would much prefer the smart charge to wireless charging. I get about 5 to 7 hours of screen on time. All I can say is, this phone just came out, and we can… Read more »
Naveed Akhtar

Your battery comments about phone is totally wrong, it has an amazing battery for me over a period of 32 to 34 hrs it gives me 6 to 7 hrs screen on time.

Yanno Love

iPhone you have to keep on charging that phone battery last only for 2 years after two years u have to replace it no like Sony