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another trash phone without headphone jack !!
disappointment !!

Ronie saha

Meizu is worst company. Even there quality is too bad and software support is terrible.

Arun G

Looks better than ugly notch and punch hole stupidity.

Rita Bhatta

Phone looks good without no holes or notch still this will not sell well due to poor meizu software support and lack of headphone jack


3:00 I thought he was Jonah Hill. Nearly similar though

Anurag Kumar

When Samsung made S8 this was the revolution it brought. Super thin bezel on the top while retaining clean cut screen.
Sadly it had to do something between this and under-screen camera.

Hamzah Syahputra

The minus in Meizu phone these days (Flyme 5 above) was:

1. The Notification was late (I mean really late!), you have to keep the application open or the notification wont coming to your phone

2. The sync with Google Service.
The sync was terrible, When you have contact or schedule in Calendar was really pain. The contact will not show up and so it the calendar.

Overall, this was good phone. Great competition with Xiaomi phone.


I noticed you were using it on Tmobile. Did it work fine on Tmobile (assuming it was U.S Tmobile)?


How are the front cameras quality? The sensor looks too small...

Mohammad Shameel

This is what the S10 should have been! Just a bit more rectangular and boom

Alterate Awful

I wish it had an Headphone Jack
But i quess u cant have everything right?


'Hey guys this is bailey stein with Android AuTHORity'

Critique Truth

No Notch with Samsung display👍 No headphone jack👎👎

Kuncen RIG

They missed the chance to put bottom speaker to firing upfront
Make it dual front firing speaker and its perfect

Junayd A.A

Man this thing is beautiful. I like slim bezels more than notches anyday because of the symmetry... It looks so amazing. Meizu could be the new OnePlus or maybe they already are just needs good pricing.

JamRock Bless

If only it had a headphone jack I'd be interested, seeing as how Samsung whored itself to the notch life😑


Looks amazing! Kinda sad to see the headphone jack go though, guess we all knew it was coming at some point 🙁

nero vanguard

No headphone jack, lost interest instantly

Raditya Arga Putra

what's the purpose of moving the back camera to the left side tho, it's just asymmetrical. but the design is really good overall, no disgusting notches or holes 🤮


That back does remind me of the old Galaxy S/Nexus S backs...


I love meizu , you don't need a notch or pop up camera to get bazeless screen. This proves it . What I don't like though is the back, it kinda flat looking.

Genoch Tuason

looks very laggy on your vids, Oneplus is Snappier and faster i think

Gabriel Andronic

Not beating Lenovo's latest Z6 pro...


google, samsung and other chinese brand need to see this.

Akash M Lal

Slowly we'll forget notches, punch holes and pop up cameras.
This is going to be the next coveted design for the future smartphones.

Gaming Hunter

No popup no notch no hole
Learn something other companies


I really love meizu but unavailable here in the philippines anymore. I bought meizu m5note since 2017 and the design was amazing and its specs as well. Meizu proves that notchless phones are way better. Why those stupid overrated phone brands cant do the same way?